Success Begins With A Great Logo Design


The importance of great logo design for a business or organization simply cannot be overstated. If you do not believe us, just google logo design fails and you will see what we mean. For many of your key audience your logo design will be their first impression of your business or organization. You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? A good logo is vital to your marketing strategy. Believe it or not, your logo could turn people away from your business or organization before you ever have a chance to interact with them. When it comes to your branding, your logo is one element that you do not want to get wrong.

The creative team at 219 Group includes graphic designers who create award winning marketing materials for a living. It’s what we do. Your logo design will become a huge part of your business or organization’s identity. People will know you by your logo. Our graphic designers will carefully craft a logo that is smart and well thought out, with input from you. We won’t settle until we get your logo right.

Our team will not stop there though. Our talented team will handle all of your branding needs including everything from stationary to brochures, billboards, business cards, menus, invitations, t-shirts, even beer bottle labels! If there is a marketing material that you can come up, chances are we can create it. We will ensure that your brand is seamless, between marketing materials, your website and your social media presence.

Business branding and corporate identity marketing come easy to us. Our marketing clients range from government organizations to popular local restaurants, from family entertainment businesses to education services and so much more. In this growing economy, where small businesses are popping up everyday, you will want to make sure that your logo design and your branding strategy work for you and get you the right kind of attention. 219 group can do that for you.

Are you ready to make a statement with your logo design and marketing strategy? Call 219 Group today and let’s get started! Your business logo does not have to be another logo design fail.


How to Design the Perfect Product Label


You may not know it, but the look and the design of your product determines the future outcome of it and if it will be successful. In any product market that you dive into, it will be competitive, and shoppers do not have time to research every product that is presented to them. So, they will more and likely pick up the product that appeals to their eye the most.

That is why it is very important that you have the perfect product label when selling.

In this article, we will list a few tips on how to design the best product label. Whether you are just entering a competitive market or a veteran that has room for improvement, this article can help.

In Living Color

The colors that you use when designing your label is essential because each color conveys a message. The right color can either add a striking look to your product and make it stand out on the shelves or it can make it invisible amongst your competitors. So, it is important that you don’t just use your favorite color when designing the label but instead use research.

Ask yourself “What message am I trying convey with this color?”

Here is a list of messages that each color conveys.

Yellow: Happy, Soft, and Full of Energy.

Orange: Friendly, Change

Red: Bold and Exciting

Green: Growth and Refreshing

Blue: Calming and Dependable

Purple: Creative and Mystic

Black: Elegant, Edgy, and Simple

Choosing the Right Font

Unlike your high school/college days, Times New Roman is not always the go to when choosing a font. When designing your label, you want to choose a font that complements both your color and brand. If you were designing a label for a kids’ cereal, you wouldn’t choose an Calibri font. For it can be too serious and might not catch the eye of children. Instead you would look for a more fun/inviting font that will stand out to both kids and parents.

Find a font that is unique and eye catching but can be readable a mile away.

“… a thousand words”

A picture is worth a thousand words and the picture/image that you use when designing your label determines what those words are.  Just like when you are choosing the right color or font, there must be research involved. Look at your competitors and see what type of graphics or images that they are using and seek inspiration from that.

Again, using research and not just your opinion is critical when designing a product label. What looks good to you may not look good to your consumers. At 219 Group, we do thorough research to create a product label that fits your company’s culture and that conveys a message that you want to deliver. Call us!

How Public Relations and Logo Design Work Together


Looking to increase brand awareness for your Fayetteville business? Let the professionals help!

At 219 group, our award winning team of graphic designers are experts in logo design and will help you take your brand to the next level. Your logo is the first thing customers see when they look for your business. Much like a book cover, your logo design should draw attention and have a wow factor! When you outsource your logo design to our talented professionals at 219, we’ll get you the logo that makes customers remember!

Creativity is our specialty. Our professional graphic design team will not only help you create your logo design but also incorporate it into a full brand. Designing your logo, brochures, ads and more, we’ll make sure every element of your brand is cohesive. Your customers will be able to recognize your company and your brand after our team of designers works with you to develop or even revamp your brand!

Once we’ve developed your logo design, our team of marketing experts will increase awareness for your brand by developing a strategy to increase your public relations in Fayetteville and surrounding areas. Revitalizing your logo and your brand isn’t enough. Our team at 219 knows that you have to work to select and target your ideal audience. Public relations brings your business into the local area and creates awareness for your company as a whole. Together, our graphic design team and our public relations experts work to develop content and design that will increase your presence on the web and in the community.

Don’t stress trying to design your own logo or trying to figure out your own public relations strategy. Let the professionals handle it! Let 219 take your company to the next level in logo design and public relations for continued growth and success in Fayetteville!


Your Full Service Marketing Agency


Is your business not getting the results you wanted? Or are you wondering what’s going to put you above and beyond your competitor down the street? Sometimes questions like these can be answered simply by hiring the right people. If you want results that you can see, 219 Group is who you’re looking for. Located in the center of downtown Fayetteville, NC with many clients spread throughout the city, you could easily call us the heartbeat of the city. 219 group specializes in advertising, marketing, graphic design, logo design, public relations, social media marketing, and more. If you’re looking for an agency that can handle it all without taking up a lot for your time, 219 group is your place. Whether you need to revamp your logo or completely shake up your style in order to attract new customers, 219 Group has got you covered.

When we take on a new client we make it our mission to be as knowledgeable about you and your services as possible. In some cases, this means going to great lengths to take part in your services as a consumer, seeing first-hand how your product works and how we can better market you to your target market. Our ultimate goal is for you to succeed and get the results you want to see in your business or organization.

Working with 219 Group is a one of a kind experience as you will soon find out during your first meeting with us. Our modern working environment has proven time and time again to yield results that are unlike other marketing and advertising agencies. The 219 group culture allows for ideas to continue to flow which means your business will always remain fresh and current.

Rebranding starts with your logo


Located in the heart of downtown Fayetteville, NC the 219 Group is never far from the action. 219 Group specializes in many advertising and marketing services among these is Graphic Design. 219 is home to an award-winning graphic design team that strives to get you noticed with creative, innovative, and eye-catching designs. Our graphics team will take your brand from ordinary to extraordinary with fresh, new designs that are sure to appeal to any audience. Our designs can be found in all mediums including television, radio, digital, custom print materials such as brochures, pocket folders, billboards and other varies marketing outlets. Our designers excel at developing content that maximizes marketing strategies and boosts your web presence.

One of the single most important tools your company or organization can have is a logo, but not just any logo. Logos need to be unique, attention-grabbing and left to the professionals (that’s us!). If you already have a logo, but it’s missing that wow factor.. that is no problem for us! Our design team has got you covered. Along with revamping your logo, it might just be time to rebrand yourself. Rebranding can be stressful if you try to go it alone, but 219 Group can see you through all the way to the finished product with minimal stress on your part.

When asked why is a logo important to your brand, our graphic designers had this to say:

“It’s how you present yourself to the world, your logo is the first impression, like a book cover.”

“It is the reference point from which the entire brand is created. It is the first thing people see of your brand and what that logo says about you could easily make or break your brand.”

“Your logo is your number 1 identifier. It is the nexus of your brand. Eventually, your logo will bond your brand’s name to success or failure. “

Once your logo and branding are ready for publication, our in-house advertising professionals can help you get the word out. At 219 we understand that advertising is not one-size-fits-all and that taking the time to really establish a relationship with the consumers that matter the most to your brand is a crucial part of being successful.

Feelings, Emotion and Graphic Design


As the world becomes more connected, attention spans shorten, and Kanye West gets a little crazier, the importance of having good graphic design becomes increasingly apparent. In a nutshell, graphic design is the presentation of ideas and information in a visually engaging manner.

Some people think graphic design only has to do with websites and how they look, but these designs are present everywhere, from newspapers to magazines to posters. When a company takes an ad out in a magazine, the difference between having a page of text regarding the product versus having an image that represents the product is immense. No one wants to sit and read through lines and lines of text (like what you’re doing right now!). They want to look at an interesting graphic that conveys feelings and emotions, and attracts them to the brand. For example, when someone looks at Nike graphic designs, they feel the energy and active lifestyle that is represented, and the feeling that they can do it.

Good graphic design, such as an iconic logo, makes a great first impression on customers, businesses and any one else who looks at it. Having a cheap, poorly made logo would cast an unfavorable light on a business, especially when a customer is trying to decide between competitors. Graphic design also helps communicate a business’ message to its customer, whether it be playful and friendly, or serious and corporate.

So what does someone do when they need high quality graphic designs for their company? They come on over to 219 Group! Out of 10,000 entries, 219 group was chosen by Graphic Design USA to receive three Certificates of Excellence for Graphic Design Awards in the areas of branding, brand identity, and print design. What makes us so good? We use an award winning team to work on visual designs with intent and purpose, specializing in dynamic graphics for web design, social media, traditional marketing, and print. With such a wide range of forms, our designs always come with the audience in mind. There’s no sense trying to describe a picture on a radio ad. Our highly qualified team also helps in brand development. Whether you want to design a logo, fine tune your brand, or simply create some branded stationery, we are there to help, with great graphic designs.

219 Group makes Agency Acquisition


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. ­ 219 Group, a Fayetteville-­based advertising and marketing agency, announced today that it has acquired Access Consulting in Dunn, North Carolina. Access Consulting is a full service marketing group that provides services in print & design, digital, and mass media.

“This acquisition is part of our overall growth plan, but more importantly it is about adding the right kind of people to our team,” said Kirk deViere, President and Owner of 219 Group. “We are fortunate to have Becky Hamilton come aboard our creative team. She was previously an owner of Access Consulting and is a great addition to our award­winning team.”

219 Group has been gaining new clients over the last few months including Kidsville News, Capitol Encore Academy, Manna Church, and Mash House, and the Access Consulting acquisition will provide additional talent and resources for further growth.

“Access Consulting saw a valuable opportunity to be part of something bigger with 219 Group,” said Becky Hamilton . “I am excited about being part of the 219 Group team while being able to provide additional resources to my established clients.”

219 Group is also in acquisition discussions with other companies as part of its growth strategy, and expects other announcements soon.

About 219 Group: 219 Group is an award winning marketing and advertising agency offering a full suite of marketing services to help clients of all sizes and types achieve their desired results, in ways that make sense for varied budgets, and brands. Our services include creative design, branding, responsive website design and development, search marketing, public relations, content and social media marketing, and media buying and planning.

Five things to remember when branding your company

While there are countless things to do when it comes to branding your company, we’d like to offer these five tips:

  • Keep in mind that your company’s identity is mainly for your customers. Your brand is what your customers see and identify with when they think of your company. In today’s world, having a memorable logo is important for brand recognition. Consumers can start to attach meaning to these logos.
  • Keep it related to your company. Make sure it reflects the aesthetic your company has or that you are striving for it to reflect. This is so you have a powerful design that does not confuse your customers. Remember that your logo and your brand is usually the first thing a customer sees, and that they generate their impression of your company from this. Your design needs to make a memorable first impression.
  • Keep it clean. Adding too many design elements can confuse consumers and make your identity look messy and unprofessional. It may be tempting to make a design which incorporates more in it, but less is better. You need consumers to see your company as professional, and that means making your logo and branding look clean and professional. Remember the old adage “Keep it Simple Stupid”.
  • Keep it continuous. Don’t change your design when you change mediums. Keep the design the same when you go from business cards, to flyers, to social media graphics. Show in your graphics that they are all part of a whole encompassing design that is your brand identity. This way, customers can identify your company no matter what medium you use.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. There are more than just a few ways to brand and market a company. Make sure you are on the lookout for unique ways to brand your company. Doing something that no one else has done will go a long way in making sure people who see your brand will remember your company.

Branding with 219group can give you the creativity + results your business needs.

“If you do it right, it will last forever.” – Massimo Vignelli.

Outsourcing graphic and print design: What to know

Could outsourcing graphic and print design make my business stand out? How do I know?

By outsourcing graphic and print design needs, you can establish visually stunning and customer pleasing logos, flyers, business cards, print ads, and more.

After you’ve established your brand, you’re going to need a visual perspective to sell it off of. Usually at this point you could hire in-house designers and artists to create logos and design the various print materials that your business or company needs. However, for smaller businesses who need more viable options, or those who want to have a knowledgeable approach to the design process, outsourcing graphic and print design is an option that could maybe produce the best results.

Maybe you need a logo or brand image that can set your company apart from all the others. Maybe you need to figure out the layout of a set of ad flyers that will be sent to potential clients. Maybe you’re trying to set up visual graphics to be placed all around your website. You are not limited when you try for outsourcing graphic and print design. Instead, you’re given the opportunity to expand your ideas and your creative functions to a firm that knows how to implement them and how to make them pop.

Outsourcing graphic and print design solves any problem your business might be having in the design area. Let’s face it — sometimes it can be hard to think about satisfying the complex reqirements of visual subjectivity. A real temptation exists to just slap a rough draft into Photoshop, color it, and say “That looks fine.” Plus, this process can be economically draining for smaller business who can’t hire a full-time designer or who need the time to focus on promoting the business itself.

Outsourcing graphic and print design then is a good option for businesses and companies in this situation.

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