Blog ideas: what to say

We hear this a lot: I’d like to start a blog for my business, but I don’t have any blog ideas.  And while many businesses are too tied up in operations to continuously blog ideascontribute blog ideas, your site’s blog definitely shouldn’t be pushed to the back burner (don’t worry, we can help you).   Here’s why: nearly half of US companies use blogs for marketing and companies that do experience more than double the web traffic to their site.   But maybe you don’t need convincing, you just don’t know where the start.  So… even if you don’t think you have any blog ideas, here’s a list to kick off your blogging adventures.  Keep in mind these are just a few blog ideas.  Add your own in the comments section below:

-Make a list: create a list of tips and tricks (kinda like this one) highlighting something related to your industry.

-How-to: publish a how-to guide on something within your industry.  Are you a Real Estate Agent? Post how-to stage a house in less than 30 minutes, or how-to maximize your time.

-Pictures, pictures, pictures: take some pictures and then write about them.

-Answer questions: when you’re talking with colleagues or friends, what type of questions come up? Ask them and answer them in a blog!

-Tackle a common problem: again, think about that time when you’re with your colleagues and friends.  What issues come up for all of you and how do you handle them?

-Tag team it: get together with a trusted friend or colleague and brainstorm together on the above topics.

-Personal anecdote: nothing’s better than telling a personal story.  Back to our real estate agent example, I remember a few weeks ago, when 219 Group was speaking to a group of real estate agents about marketing practices.  One agent raised her hand and asked if she should post pictures of her open house events and the best way to do that: as a one time picture or as an album.  We suggested that on the day of the event post a picture a few hours with the time and location information.  Take pictures during the event.  And post an album after it’s all said and done with the rest of the photos.  By posting pictures continuously during the event, she risked lowering her EdgeRank… learn more about that here.  Wait a minute, we’ve nearly turned our personal anecdote example into a personal anecdote blog…

Have more ideas?  Add your blog ideas to the comment section below:

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