Why An Effective Public Relations Strategy Matters


For some people, when they think of public relations, they instantly think of anything that has to do with the visuals of a company or organization. They bring up logo design, website usability, and marketing materials, including print brochures and promotional products. Whatever they can visualize about a company or organization, whatever that brand is, that is how they define the purpose of public relations.

Any public relations professional learns two things as soon as they start out. The first is that, to the audience of any business or organization, perception is reality. The second is that when it comes to proper public relations strategies, it is always better to be proactive instead of reactive. Public relations goes way deeper than website design, graphic design, blog writing, and social media content.

While the creative team at 219 Group has talent for days when it comes to bringing the vision of a business owner or a community group to life in the form of innovative graphic and website design, we also offer our clients something more than the average design agency. We give our clients their voice.

In order for a public relations strategy to work, you have to employ a team that understands who you are, what you are trying to say and who you are trying to say it to. 219 Group has the amazing honor of being the voice online and in the community of many different businesses and organizations, and none of them are the same. If you are going to hire a design agency to put a face to who you are as a business or organization, then do yourself a favor and hire an agency that takes your distinct voice into serious consideration.

Every business and organization has ups and downs. You hire a design team that you hope will bring you more ups than downs through creative marketing strategies, and client/customer interaction. Consider a team that includes public relations professionals who can also navigate the downs with you.

219 Group is more than just a talented design agency. 219 Group is a public relations team that can help you find your voice and tell your story.

So, What Really Goes on At a Public Relations Firm?


Have you ever wondered what PR professionals really do? Most people might think that public relations are all play and no work and that’s not the case. Being a professional in the public relations industry requires a person to be a jack of all trades. Here are a few things that public relations consist of.

Identifying a Target market

Most businesses think that all the hard work is done once they’re up and running, but to remain successful they must consider who their customers are. That’s where the PR professionals come in to help. When taking on a new client it’s very important to do research and identify who their customer base is. Figuring out a company’s target market can be tricky. When researching, a professional must consider the target’s age, gender, income, interests and goals, just to name a few. After identifying these attributes, it is simpler to figure out a way to reach the customer.

Graphic Design/Web Design

Graphic designers and web designers play a major role in the success of a PR firm because they create the artwork for clients. To revamp a company’s brand successfully, everything must be updated across the board. This includes giving the website a modern and sleek look along with creating a logo that relays the new brand message.

Social Media

Social media has dominated the world… in a good way. Mostly everyone, young or old has a social media account or access to one. PR professionals’ step in to help businesses create pages, engage with customers, and to write content for social media. It’s very important that companies stay current on social media trends as well as know what to post and when to post it.

What Not to Do When It Comes to Social Media


Often times, businesses focus more on what to do when it comes their social media platforms, neglecting what they shouldn’t do. Luckily, we at 219 Group haven’t forgot and have composed a list of a few don’ts when it comes your social media.

Don’t Like Your Own Status

There’s a meme out there that states “Liking your own post, is like giving yourself a high five”. Although you may think your status, that you created, is interesting, let’s give your followers the chance to make the decision on their own. One thing that you could do is encourage your employees to like the status and possibly share it on their personal pages. This is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness.

Don’t Get Muted

Sometimes, businesses get so caught up in reaching their audience on social media, that they constantly post every hour, without pacing themselves. Flooding your followers’ timelines with a post can become very nerve racking to some and can force them to mute your page, or even worse, unfollow you, which isn’t good. Try pacing yourself, create a schedule stating the number of times you will post a week (preferably 2-4 times a week). This will show your followers that you are consistent on your page but that you are not over posting as well.

Don’t Forget That It’s Business… Not Personal

One of the main problems for businesses is that they forget that their social media pages are not meant to be personal. Posting birthdays, pictures from crew lunches, or work parties are great but anything such as political views or opinions on current events is a big no-no. It is best that you keep those things on your personal page. This can give your business a bad look regarding your brand can lead to followers blocking your page and you possibly losing business.

As a business owner, managing your social media and your company can be tough task, at 219 Group, we can help. Give us a call or fill out a quote form to discuss social media services with one of our account executives.

Tips on How to Have a successful Public Relations profile

Public Relations

For any business owner, public relations is a very difficult task. When it comes to PR, doing it a certain way can either grow your business or hurt it. Here are a few tips on how to do public relations successfully.

What is Public Relations

Before we start diving into those tips, we need to first understand what public relations is. The definition of public relations is to professionally maintain the public’s perception of someone’s or something (organization/business) image. We at 219 Group summarize PR into three categories, which are PRESS RELEASES, BIG IDEAS, & PUBLICITY STUNTS. For when dealing with PR they can fall under either category if not all.

Tip #1 Identify Your Message

Have you ever seen a fragrance commercial and you ask yourself “What are they trying to sell me here?”. Not a clear message, right? Well that shouldn’t be your PR campaign. Your campaign should be able to grasp someone’s attention but also deliver a clear message.  Your message should involve your company culture as well as why your company is unique. Identifying your message should be the firststep when developing a PR plan. Creating a message “along the way” can result in it getting lost or changing.

Tip #2 Know Your Audience

Along with identifying your message, knowing your audience is a major key as well. Over the years, we at 219 Group have seen companies miss their mark during a campaign because they just didn’t know their audience. Don’t let that be you. Knowing your audience will be beneficial when knowing what media outlets, you should use, when delivering press releases and ad spots.

Tip #3 Create a Calendar

PR Campaigns can go from six months to a year, so it is common for someone to get lost or mixed up on what to do day by day. That’s why it is important to have a calendar that has your campaign planned out. Having a PR calendar is a great way to plan ahead and accordingly.

Tip #4 Find a PR Firm to Work With

Running a PR campaign along with your business can be very stressful. That’s why it is important to find a PR company that can do the work for you. We at 219 Group have years of experience in public relations; creating campaigns for companies across the sandhills region, as well as in the triangle and inner banks areas. Not only will we develop a clear message, but we will also find your audience, with market research, and create a thorough PR schedule.

Give us a call! Or click here to learn more.

How Public Relations and Logo Design Work Together


Looking to increase brand awareness for your Fayetteville business? Let the professionals help!

At 219 group, our award winning team of graphic designers are experts in logo design and will help you take your brand to the next level. Your logo is the first thing customers see when they look for your business. Much like a book cover, your logo design should draw attention and have a wow factor! When you outsource your logo design to our talented professionals at 219, we’ll get you the logo that makes customers remember!

Creativity is our specialty. Our professional graphic design team will not only help you create your logo design but also incorporate it into a full brand. Designing your logo, brochures, ads and more, we’ll make sure every element of your brand is cohesive. Your customers will be able to recognize your company and your brand after our team of designers works with you to develop or even revamp your brand!

Once we’ve developed your logo design, our team of marketing experts will increase awareness for your brand by developing a strategy to increase your public relations in Fayetteville and surrounding areas. Revitalizing your logo and your brand isn’t enough. Our team at 219 knows that you have to work to select and target your ideal audience. Public relations brings your business into the local area and creates awareness for your company as a whole. Together, our graphic design team and our public relations experts work to develop content and design that will increase your presence on the web and in the community.

Don’t stress trying to design your own logo or trying to figure out your own public relations strategy. Let the professionals handle it! Let 219 take your company to the next level in logo design and public relations for continued growth and success in Fayetteville!


Is your Business ready for 2017?


Let’s start with Marketing

Its been said that “The heart of your businesses success lies in its marketing.” Whether a business succeeds or fails may be determined by a company’s marketing strategy. You can have the best food, make the best products and have the best quality service, but if you don’t get the word out, your business may not succeed. A properly planned marketing strategy is important and will eventually increase sales of your products or services and give you an advantage over your competitors. It requires a lot of planning, research, analysis and the right marketing team to get the job done.

Public Relations

If you have a business to run, managing a Public Relations Campaign is an overwhelming task that requires the right planning and the right people. A Public Relations campaign will build a mutually beneficial relationship with your company and the public. A good Public Relations strategy will protect, enhance and build up your company’s image, reputation and build trust with the local community. Public Relations can include press releases, speech writing, blogs, planning and executing special events. Public Relations combined with the right marketing strategy will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Website Design

Your website is an effective way to advertise your brand, products, services or special offers. What separates 219 Group from other website designers is that we’ve mastered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Responsive Web Design (RWD). You can have the best Website Designed but without SEO your site will not show up in the search engines. RWD is the concept of designing a website so that it will pan across wide range of devises from big monitor desktops to laptops, tablets and mobile phones. With more people using their smart phones to look up sites, mobile responsiveness of your organization’s website is more important than ever.

219 Group, Fayetteville’s very own complete marketing company, combines website design, SEO, Public Relations and Marketing. Our creative team will custom tailor your website to your business, make it user friendly, easy to understand and navigate all while keeping the complicated concepts of SEO and RWD in mind when planning the design of your business website. Located in the heart of Fayetteville in historic downtown 219 Group is the right place to go for all your company’s marketing needs.

Connecting with your Audience


“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” -Seth Godin

At 219 We specialize in full-service marketing campaigns and marketing management with clear objectives. Besides using social media and internet search tools to tap into your audience, we also use traditional marketing techniques to increase awareness. Press releases, copy for radio or TV announcements, managing and organizing press events, or promoting your business message on our many social networks, 219 can take of all your PR needs.

If you’ve talked about sales you’ve heard the sayings, “it’s not about what you know but about who you know” or “there’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth”. Now that our society is moving from face to face interactions, there is question if this is still the case. The answer is yes. However the strategy has changed.

Word of mouth marketing is the original platform for social media. Most businesses right now are facing the issue of how to create contemporary efforts to create experiences worthy of being passed from person-to-person.

The problem is that for the last few years, marketers have been focused on “collecting” instead of “connecting.” In other words, brands are too caught up in collecting social media fans and they are forgetting to actually connect with them. Having 100 really passionate fans that love your brand or product is exponentially more effective than having 10,000 “fans” who signed up just to win a free iPad from you. The key is finding effective engagement.

Statistics have proven that social media and online marketing are powerful tools to drive business. 81% of U.S. online consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts versus 78% who are influenced by the posts of the brands they follow on social media. (Market Force)

Many of your potential customers will check you out on Google before they actually pursue your company. We will manage your online reputation and engage with your customers to ensure positive customer service online.

Our connections with local media and advertisement groups will allow your company valuable exposure.

Our services offer options to reach a broad audience. Our relationships with regional and local print as well as broadcast give us strong ties with the community and contacts when we need to deliver a message to the community. Together with our clients, we develop a clear voice paired with a powerful message to deliver to our target outlet, yielding the best results for our clients. This messaging will build meaningful, trustworthy relationships with the public and media alike.

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