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Can your company contend with your competition when it comes to being found on Google? You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about Search Engine Optimization and the importance of being ranked above the competition. We want you to get the most out of your marketing campaigns. We design our websites with search engine optimization in mind to attract more prospects and increase traffic to your page. People need help finding websites, that’s why Google is there to help and we are here to help guide your website to the top of Google.

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Using the right keywords, we’ll optimize for your buyer personas, and figure out the right keywords your potential customers are searching for to attract them to your site. SEO or search engine optimization refers to the ranking of every website in the lists of search engines. Thousands of websites are competing for the top positions in search engines because there are more traffic and visitors that will likely visit your site if it’s a high position. SEO is an effective digital marketing technique to bring return on marketing investments by generating web traffic to a site with the goal of increasing web purchases or increasing brand awareness.

Some tools we use to assist with ranking highly in Google’s search engine

Custom Web Design

Business web design is key to marketing and search engine optimization. We specialize in custom web design, from blog & social site design to small business and business websites. Our team builds vibrant, innovative websites with user-friendly navigation with your business’s target consumer in mind. We stay on top of the trends in web design, keeping YOUR customers in mind with every website build.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not an afterthought at 219 Group. A social media presence in today’s high speed world is key to business development and sustainability. What is your social marketing strategy? It’s not just about tweeting or posting, it’s using these tools in a social media marketing strategy which can also bring awareness to your SEO campaign.

Google Analytics

Our SEO specialists use Google Analytics to measure the quality of SEO traffic, view only organic search traffic, assigning dollar values to organic traffic, identifying slow loading page times, and we can create our own SEO dashboard for each client to help with tracking stats.

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There are two techniques of SEO which are generally referred to as white hat and black hat SEO. The white category uses the SEO methods in building more informative and helpful content and enhancing the quality of it. While the black SEO uses tricks like spamdexing or cloaking, this is said to be an unfair use of manipulating the search engine. Google and other search engine companies are constantly changing their algorithms in order to combat black hat techniques and return quality results that the user is looking for.

SEO is effectively the implementation of these website strategies to position a site higher in searches for keywords. This is ultimately the kind of strategy that effectively enhanced the website’s traffic. Usually a user types is a keyword or search term into the search engine, which will then return a list of results. Normally the user will scan the sites which are on the top and visit sites they think fit their needs, or type in a new keyword or search term. Less often to users search the list for pages and pages for whatever they’re looking for. The inclination is that if a user doesn’t find what they’re looking for in the top page of results, they move on to another keyword or search term. That is why many companies are clamoring for the top spots by means of continuous digital marketing and website strategy like SEO.

We’re believers in high rank, but only if we leverage it with a quality website. Not only can we help you increase your rankings, but we also help you build the quality content to keep visitors coming back. We help you get noticed in rankings, and we keep your customers’ attention with engaging content.

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Fun Fact: 90% of people clicked on listings when they Google something, the other 10% of people click on the paid ads that are returned in the search engine. Help the 90% of people find your company by using our SEO specialists to reach the top of Google’s ranking system.

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