Already Have Social Media?

It’s about increasing your social network relevance with an internet-based social marketing strategy. Here are some things that we are great at when it comes to social media marketing: social profile creation & development, social site development & monitoring, blog design & content development, video creation & integration.

If you already have social network sites, we can revamp them with media marketing SEO-rich content. We can execute your social network posts, allowing you to focus on your business. Or you can do your own: After designing your social network profiles, we can offer a “social media how-to” with suggestions on content, timing, promotions, and social networks to tap. We set up the social networking sites and give you a media marketing plan for your social networks so you can engage in interaction with your followers. We’ll show you how, when, what, and where to post and how to be most effective on the internet.

Social media marketing is not an afterthought at 219 Group. A social media presence in today’s high-speed world is key to business development and sustainability. What is your social marketing strategy? It’s not just about tweeting or posting, it’s using these tools in a social media marketing strategy. In today’s marketplace, social media must be a cornerstone of your plan. 219 Group can help your business create a social media marketing strategy specifically for your business or brand. We combine social media sites, then develop a media strategy creating relevance, awareness & dialogue. Your brand or business will have an online presence through social media (blogs, YouTube, etc.) and on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more). The result is a place for social networking with those who matter most to you. We’ll help you build followers and then engage those followers, building a voice for your brand.

Wondering how to post on Social Media, here are some examples using our favorite confectionery treat, Doughnuts.

I like doughnuts

I’m eating #doughnuts

My skills include doughnut eating

Here I am eating doughnuts

Here is a polaroid-esce photo of doughnuts

Here is a recipe for doughnuts