Think big. Going big isn’t about puffing your chest out, but rather thinking at scale. We welcome our growing workload and pride ourselves on our capability to accommodate new growth. 219 is constantly pushing itself to solve big problems and take on large projects head first. The 219 Crew knows that communicating as a team will lead to the best creative results! Our open work environment allows us to float between stations and get the creative juices flowing.


The 219 crew doesn’t just have fun at the office, we always enjoy a good crew outing! About once a month, we get together for a crew lunch or after-work drinks to further build our office-family relationship. 219 Group’s location in Historic Downtown Fayetteville has many perks; number one being its short distance from multiple great lunch and drink options! Keep your eyes out for the 219 Crew to make an appearance at one of downtown’s various lunch spots. A few of our favorite spots also happen to be our clients! ?

Our pride at 219 is just as energetic as a high school’s homecoming. We wear out passion for our company on our sleeve during 219 Spirit Week. This week includes: themed outfits, treats in the office, and an end of the week celebration.  If you enter the 219 offices, you will not walk into your stereotypical serious office environment. The crew believes in having fun and truly enjoying our work!

From zipping through the trees to sipping on local brews, getting to know the client products is an important part of our job.


219 Group does more than lunch together. The crew also believes in giving back, which is why we participate in “Days of Caring”. Once a year on this day of caring, the crew won’t be found in the office, but instead we can be found giving back at a local charity or non-profit.

The 219 Group chose to spend their inaugural day of caring at Fayetteville Urban Ministry. The focus of Fayetteville Urban Ministry is transforming lives by providing faith, hope, love, and security. Our crew was able to contribute to the cause by refreshing the facilities.


For the second year in a row the 219 Crew will participate in the “Chair-ity” auction, a local fundraiser for the KidsPeace foster care program. Chair-ity’s mission is to have local artist design otherwise normal chairs, and auction them off to raise money. All proceeds are given to the KidsPeace foster care program.

The chair provides a new creative challenge for the team at 219. Constructing a website is an everyday task for the crew, but constructing a chair can bring new challenges. Working together, the crew hopes to bring their creativity to a wooden chair.

2/19 DAY

On February 19th (2/19) the 219 Crew celebrate the two/nineteen day by giving back. Every year, the 219 Crew thinks of creative ways to commemorate their special day. This past year, the crew decided to divide $219 dollars between Rude Awakening and Coffee Cup; two locally–owned coffee shops located conveniently in downtown Fayetteville. Customers were pleasantly surprised to learn that their cup of coffee was already paid for by the 219 Group.  The random act of kindness supported locally-owned businesses and rewarded consumers for spending local!


Pronounced / two·nine·teen

We have continued our efforts to streamline our processes, increase our crew numbers, and add office space to accommodate those new members.

219 currently tracks ahead of the company’s planned vision and strives everyday to do their best work with the company’s growth and vision in mind.

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