Display Advertising


A picture is worth a thousand words

You could have the greatest service, and the most striking advertisement around, but if you’re not reaching the right people, you’re not going to feel any impact in your business, and it’s going to be a waste of your time and money.  At 219 Group, we specialize in not only designing digital ads that will appeal to your audience, but we also target them to make sure the right people are receiving them.

Remarketing Ads

At 219 Group we have multiple ways to connect to the people that you want to reach online. We offer remarketing ads that key in on users who have already visited and shown interest in your website and company. These ads are shown not only on websites your potential client’s visit, but also on their Facebook newsfeed, giving you two different ways to connect with them. Remarketing ads have a proven track record when it comes to the number of clicks and conversions our clients receive.

Targeted Display Ads

We also deliver targeted display ads, which pinpoint your audience by geography and demographics, and we reach them by showing your ads on top sites they view. These ads don’t just reach people who have visited your site previously; they also reach new users whose lifestyle, gender, income, age, and location fit the profile of who you are looking to reach.

Native Ads

We are also pros at native advertising, a form of advertising that looks like organic content, but actually highlights and shares information about your business. If you have used the internet, at some point you have clicked on a “sponsored” article, and may have not even realized you had clicked on an advertisement. Our copywriters at experts at blending information about your company with fascinating content to make it appeal to all types of readers.

While traditional advertising certainly has its place, digital advertising has become a necessity in our modern day culture. We help you decide which form of display advertising is right for you, implement your plan from start to finish, and provide monthly analytic reports with your results.

  • Increased conversion rates – For every 100,000 viewers of an ad you are likely to get 160 conversions to your brand.
  • Increase in brand recognition – Display ads can increase the chances of a consumer recognizing your brand by up to 63 percent
  • Increased offline sales – Current research shows that display ads can increase offline sales by as much as 43 percent.
  • Increased site visitation – Recent studies have shown that banner advertising can increase traffic to a site by up to 300 percent.