For any business owner, public relations is a very difficult task. When it comes to PR, doing it a certain way can either grow your business or hurt it. Here are a few tips on how to do public relations successfully.

What is Public Relations

Before we start diving into those tips, we need to first understand what public relations is. The definition of public relations is to professionally maintain the public’s perception of someone’s or something (organization/business) image. We at 219 Group summarize PR into three categories, which are PRESS RELEASES, BIG IDEAS, & PUBLICITY STUNTS. For when dealing with PR they can fall under either category if not all.

Tip #1 Identify Your Message

Have you ever seen a fragrance commercial and you ask yourself “What are they trying to sell me here?”. Not a clear message, right? Well that shouldn’t be your PR campaign. Your campaign should be able to grasp someone’s attention but also deliver a clear message.  Your message should involve your company culture as well as why your company is unique. Identifying your message should be the firststep when developing a PR plan. Creating a message “along the way” can result in it getting lost or changing.

Tip #2 Know Your Audience

Along with identifying your message, knowing your audience is a major key as well. Over the years, we at 219 Group have seen companies miss their mark during a campaign because they just didn’t know their audience. Don’t let that be you. Knowing your audience will be beneficial when knowing what media outlets, you should use, when delivering press releases and ad spots.

Tip #3 Create a Calendar

PR Campaigns can go from six months to a year, so it is common for someone to get lost or mixed up on what to do day by day. That’s why it is important to have a calendar that has your campaign planned out. Having a PR calendar is a great way to plan ahead and accordingly.

Tip #4 Find a PR Firm to Work With

Running a PR campaign along with your business can be very stressful. That’s why it is important to find a PR company that can do the work for you. We at 219 Group have years of experience in public relations; creating campaigns for companies across the sandhills region, as well as in the triangle and inner banks areas. Not only will we develop a clear message, but we will also find your audience, with market research, and create a thorough PR schedule.

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