Digital Marketing: The Boomers & the Seniors

Knowing your demographics is key.

When we sit down with a client to talk about their target demographic there’s usually this preconceived idea that the social media and internet marketing should be geared towards Millennials. But that’s the farthest from the truth. The latest numbers from show baby boomers (age 45-65) spent more time on the web than with any other media, including TV, radio and newspaper/magazine.  And seniors (age 65+), outspent their web time by only 30 minutes of watching TV.











The majority of boomer and seniors use the web to look for more information, but 57% of respondents said they headed online to get information related to shopping.

 What this means for you:
You have to deliberately market to these demographic. They’re ready, waiting and available to you. So how do you do it?

-Target online ads:
There is plenty of digital ad space that works to the baby boomers and seniors. Purchase digital ad space on these and make sure the content is catered specifically towards the groups.  The CPC for ads targeting this demo for most keywords is usually still low as well.

-Social Media:
The boomers and seniors are on there to see pictures of the grandkids. Cater ads directed towards them specifically and evaluate their performance

-Tablet/Mobile users:
Boomers and seniors are using tablets and mobile devices at an exceeding rate. Notably, 49% of boomers made a purchase after gathering information via their device. This means that if you can get them to your service or product from their device, there’s a 49% chance they’ll buy. I’ll take that. They way to capitalize on this is to cater and/or provide relevant content for them within your site/advertising.

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