219 Group has been doing graphic design work for a long time. Our graphic designers have created entire marketing brands for some incredible clients over the years. With each client that comes along, our creative team knows that the stakes are high and that the difference between a successful brand and an unsuccessful one can come down to simply being intentional with your graphic design.

We all know iconic brands that are instantly recognizable simply by their logo. Maybe it’s a swoosh, or a golden arch, or perhaps it is an apple missing a bite. Whatever the logo may be, chances are that once you see it, you know exactly what company is behind it. Successful branding includes several creative marketing elements, but graphic design is one of the most vital keys to defining who you are to potential clients and customers.

Intentional graphic design is the driving force behind the work that our graphic designers do at 219 Group. We listen to our clients talk about their vision for their brand and we strive to bring that vision to life. In the process of giving the client what they want, our graphic designers are thinking five steps ahead to how the clients’ logo will be integrated into all other elements of their branding campaign. Will the logo and graphic design elements merge well into the website design, and other promotional materials that will be created in the future? Does the design scheme set the client apart from competition by creating a strong and unique presence just by being seen?

Great graphic design doesn’t simply ride on one track of thought. It is not a singular accomplishment for the client. Having a team of talented graphic designers behind your company or organization only works if those that create your graphic design elements are also considering all other aspects of your marketing and publicity campaign. The creative team at 219 Group has proven time and time again that intentional graphic design succeeds every time. Could your brand use some help from a team of skilled graphic designers who have your creative vision in mind? Give 219 Group a call today at (910) 483-4749.

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