Several Ways You Can be a Real Person on Social Media and Not Just a Business


“I do so want to be a real boy and do what real boys do.”


This quote may sound ridiculous but as a business on social media, you can often get lost in becoming just a ‘business’ and not a real person. Often times, we at 219 Group see many businesses just posting about the deals that they are having that week and not giving their company a human voice. Neglecting the fact that staying active on social media and being personal with customers and its employees are two different things. Filling your followers’ timelines with just repetitive information that is just about the business everyday could result in them unfollowing you and you losing their business in the future. Here are a several ways that you and your business can become more personal on social media while attracting your target audience even more.

Create a Discussion          

Starting a discussion on your page will be a great way for you and your followers to start dialogue and even a better way to get a first-hand look at what your customers like and dislike. The number one rule when creating a discussion is to make sure that the topic is relatable to your business. You wouldn’t want to discuss politics under a pizza shop page. But instead you want to ask your followers about weird toppings that they think will go great on a pizza. Also make sure that it’s not just your followers that are responding to the question but you as well.

Respond To Followers

Whether it is good or bad, responding to comments regarding your business on social media is always a good way to show your customers that you can be easily reached and that you care about customer service. Even if it’s a comment that doesn’t mention your business, if the comment is relatable to a service or product that you can provide, you can still reply. What better way to attract a new customer than to let them know that you are always looking to satisfy.

Post More than Words

We all know the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. So posting an image would do just as much or even more as posting a lengthy post online. Whether it’s an emoji, a photograph, or you going live on Facebook/Periscope, studies show that these types of post generate 150% more retweets and replies.

Allow Your Followers to Celebrate With You

Posting your company’s accomplishments on social media would allow your followers to feel as if they are a part of the business as well. Also posting employees’ birthdays, anniversaries, and etc. will show your followers that you care for those that work for you and that you have a good company’s culture.

Responsive Web Design – not just an option, a necessity

“Your site doesn’t sit on a desk anymore” -Sparkbox

It used to be if you had a website you only had to design a website that would be seen from a computer, either a desktop or a laptop. Now with the invention of smart phones, netbooks, and tablets you have no way of knowing on what platform your customers are using to view your site.There are countless different versions of the before mentioned products. Companies offer several different sizes of tablets or smart phones and all with different screen sizes. It used to be enough just to create a “mobile version” site but on different platforms this type of design can make viewing and navigating the site needlessly difficult. Responsive design was created to help solve these problems. Instead of designing a website for each individual platform, why not just design one website that “responds” to the platform used and resizes the website to accommodate the resolution needs of each individual platform.

Responsive web design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices. If a user switches from a laptop to an iPad, the website will automatically switch to accommodate the resolution, image size and scripting abilities. It also involves resizing the website when Apple users switch their devices from portrait to landscape mode. Though these details might seems small, responsive website design can provide a pleasant user experience that draws in potential customers that are using mobile devices and since mobile users are a growing marketing platform, having a responsive website can help extend your content to a targeted audience.

Do you need to make your site responsive for your audience, Contact Us now and get a free quote.

Mobile Marketing: The Emerging Platform

The future of marketing has come and it’s mobile. Mobile marketing has been around for quite some time but now it is becoming more and more mainstream thanks to companies like Facebook and Google. It is marketing that appears on apps that are specifically for a mobile device, like a smart phone. Marketing professor Andreas Kapla defines it as “any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device.”  It can provide customers time and location sensitive information, and personalized info that promotes services, goods, and ideas that relate to information received from the customers phone. It works by using various apps that have ads exclusively tailored for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The ads are formatted, and customized with the sole intention of creating a responsive marketing campaign that is mobile.

Try to count how much time you spend on your phone. If you’re like us you use it while you’re waiting in line at the coffee shop, while you wait for a doctors appointment and while you’re bored at work. You could be playing games, on your favorite social networking site or reading the news on your news app. The chances are you have seen countless ads for various products. Companies are becoming more aggressive with their mobile marketing precisely because of how much time people spend on their phones. Facebook alone has over 470 million monthly active mobile app users. An additional 134 million users simply use the mobile web to get their Facebook fix. These numbers are from 2013 and they don’t even include other social networking apps like Twitter and Instagram. A study conducted in the US during December 2013 by The Nielsen Company showed that people use their mobile devices about 34 hours a month. That is about 7 hours more than the 27 hours per month spent on the Internet. These numbers show that more and more people are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. Being able to market to such a huge audience on a continually growing marketing platform is the reason why your company should start thinking about mobile marketing.

Email, Social, and Mobile Are Marketers’ 2013 Budget Priorities

Email, Social, and Mobile Are Marketers’ 2013 Budget Priorities

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If you didn’t know before, well now should be the time to listen to what the others are putting their money into in 2013. Most businesses large and small are going to take most of the marketing budget viral this year. Email, social media and few other places are going to grow in the world of advertising. This shouldn’t be a shock to many as the Facebook has a population of almost one billion people. The target audiences are the main users of college students and recent grads, but now it’s not just your high school of college buddy on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Your grandma and her bridge buddies are also using these sites to stay connected to family and friends. While many people are making changes in the way they live with getting rid of cable TV, internet costs are still low and social media sites are still free to use. So why not put more money into something that millions will see instead of a small age group at certain times of the day!

Almost 56% of marketing executives plan to beef up their viral ads and spend even more on social media sites. This shouldn’t be any stunning news to the world but for those of you who think that Facebook, Twitter and other sites like these won’t make you money, that no one pays attention, you might want to think again. This is the best place for customers to tell everyone what they think of your product and business, word of mouth isn’t just passed on the street anymore. It’s now passed by a few comments from ones experience with your brand or company. When you are active in the community, even online people see you are one of them, and that you care about the product, the company and the customer.

The top 4 areas that many will use in 2013 will be Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Devices, and SEO. Direct mail, and many tradeshows and events will take the back seat this year as the cost on those is larger than to the ones like email and social media. Take a look at what others are doing online and don’t’ be the last one to jump into SEO, and social media. Make 2013 a year for you and make sure you stay in the game.

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