digital marketingWhenever we get a new client come visit us, we’re always prepared to have this discussion with them: why is digital marketing the way to go over traditional marketing.

For some clients talking about moving away from traditional marketing and into digital marketing is like trying to convince them to break up with a long time lover.

For others, they are SO ready for a new relationship they’d wish we started their move to digital marketing yesterday.

First let’s get things spelled out so we’re all on the same page.  Generally, 219 Group uses the term “digital marketing” to refer to marketing initiatives contingent on internet or mobile phone access.  Digital marketing includes: search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, Google or web ads, web design, text messaging, etc. Traditional marketing would then refer to marketing initiatives not reliant on the web or mobile: print ads, pamphlets, billboards, mail inserts, TV/radio, etc.  219 Group does both and we do both really well, but what sets us apart from our competitors is that we are more heavily handed in the digital marketing realm. You might then ask: why?  And we’ll answer: because that’s where the consumers are.

It’s not that all traditional marketing strategies are doomed and it’s certainly not that some traditional marketing components can’t or shouldn’t be worked into an overall marketing campaign, but relying on a primarily traditional approach cuts you off to a larger piece of the market.  I know, I know… it’s scary to move away from print ads, TV, billboards, radio, and all the things in the traditional world that have worked pretty well so far.  That’s just the reason why having a marketing partner that understands digital marketing is so important.  What we do is look at your entire marketing plan and create a plan that includes the best of what digital marketing and traditional marketing have to offer.  But here’s out firm belief, you can do a marketing concept relying purely on digital media.  We’ve done it, we’ve seen it work.  We won’t argue it’s the right fit for every client, but we’ve done it.  You can not, however, have a overall marketing plan relying purely on traditional media.  The digital marketing component is to engrained in our society to pretend like it’s not there.  Get acquainted with digital marketing and start to entertain the idea that everything you are doing & everyone you are targeting through traditional marketing can likely be done better with the integration of digital marketing.

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