Business Facebook Page Setup A new phenomenon that is starting to gain traction is the deleting of Business profiles from Facebook by competitors.

Basically Facebook terms state that if you are a business you have to maintain a “Business page” and not a “Personal Profile.” If a business has a personal profile page set up for your business and not a business page it is always at risk for deletion, however with 800 million accounts it can be tough for Facebook to police this. However people have found a way to speed up the “discovery process” for Facebook.

How is Facebook finding these profiles to delete them?

In the top right hand corner of all profiles there is a settings wheel. If you click it Facebook gives you the option to “Report/Block.” When the report box comes up an option on there is “This person is pretending to be someone or is fake.” Basically letting Facebook know the profile does not belong to an actual person.

In many cases profiles are being deleted due to the fact they were reported by competitors looking to gain an advantage over them. It is pretty easy to notify Facebook and since this is something Facebook is actively deleting profiles for it is definitely going to be a major issue in the new year.

What Can I do to make sure my Facebook account isn’t deleted?

Take care of your business now by converting to a business Facebook page. 219 Group can help you with your Facebook issues along with setting up a social plan to help your followers grow in 2012!

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