Three Rules to Building a Successful Brand


“A brand is a story that is always being told.”

-Scott Bedbury

Branding is an essential part of building a company and at 219 Group we offer full branding development services to our clients. Help on logo design, business identity, and a polished look is what we do best! We always make sure your branding kit is complete with business cards, letterheads and stationary. We make it our mission to make your brand successful in its market. Here are three rules to keep in mind when defining your brand.

Define your Services + Products

One of the most important factors to having a successful brand is defining what your product or service has to offer. Once that is defined then you can find your space in the correct market and discover the needs and concerns of your target audience.

Know your Mission, Values, and Goals

When thinking of your brand you must think of it as a person. Just like any individual that wants to be successful in life, we all have goals, values, and a mission. What are your company’s goals? What does your company value? What is your mission statement?  Goals are something that is often overlooked by many start-up companies by thinking “being successful” is the ultimate goal, but it shouldn’t be. Create a plan along with a timeline of when you would like certain goals to be completed. This helps you to remain focused throughout the process and to stay on task with your mission.

Take Risks!

Being innovative and bold is what it takes to differentiate yourself from your competitors, so never be scared to take risks. At 219, we challenge each one of our clients with creative and daring ideas in hopes of impressing their target audience and making their brand a household name.


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