Pantone Has Named Ultra Violet as this Year’s Color


What does rock legends Jimmi Hendrix, Prince, and David Bowie have in common? The same thing that 2018 will have. Pantone, the color institute, has named Ultra Violet as this year’s color and we couldn’t be more excited!

A very vibrant and complex purple, Pantone states that ultra violet communicates creativity and innovation. It is a mystery color, that resembles the cosmos, which means no one knows what lies ahead but are still fascinated as to what can happen next; a perfect match for the new year. It is a boundless color, that has been a popular pick amongst music and fashion icons for years and now it can be yours for building/rebuilding your brand in 2018.

You can include this year’s hue by painting a few of the office walls and adding a striking look to your workplace or by simply changing the style of your business cards and Facebook page. If you want to stand out this year among your competitors, then including ultra violet in your brand is a great way to start off.

Don’t agree? Then tell us why in the comment section and let us know what color, you think, should be for the new year.


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