Optimizing Youtube Videos For SEO

Creating video content is only the first step to maximizing it’s benefits: optimizing Youtube videos take it to the next step.

Did you know that Youtube is actually a search engine? Most think of it as just a video hosting site, but its search function is just as important as the ability to store and host your video clips. These clips can be tools to drive traffic to your site and create a more robust search and social marketing strategy.

However, the key to your videos ranking well and assisting an SEO strategy is optimizing Youtube videos properly.

On-Page SEO for optimizing Youtube videos:

1-      Title and video description
The title of the video should be engaging and interesting but it should also include keywords that you’re targeting. Some search engines, like Google, shorten titles with more than 60+ characters, so be sure to get a keyword in within the first few words to make sure it counts.

The description should not only describe the video and what’s going on in the video, but also also use keywords. This is fine line. Don’t stuff the description with keywords, but use them as naturally as possible. You can also add more relevant, or secondary keywords, in the description. Be sure to also include links in the description, but make sure to do so in the beginning since only the first few lines are initially visible when your video url is loaded.


2-      Tags
Just like on a web page tags should be included with each video uploaded. It’s ideal to include 4-8 relevant keywords as a tag. When a user is searching for videos, Youtube complies a list of “related” video content that you might be interested in viewing. This related content is comprised by using tags in videos.


Off-Page SEO for optimizing Youtube videos:

3-      Inbound link
The easiest way to get an inbound link to your Youtube video is to embed it on your website. You should also share the video on Facebook,  Twitter and your other social networks.


4-      Popularity
The more popular video, the higher it will rank on Youtube. The more comments and likes it gets the higher it ranks. Created engaging content that makes people want to interact.

Creating the content for Youtube is just the first step. To get the most out of it, you need it optimized to it’s best. If you have questions about optimizing Youtube videos tweet us your questions @219Group.


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