• 97% of adults between the ages of 16-64 say they logged onto at least one social network in the past month.
  • Compared to other social media platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook) Instagram drives the most engagement per post.

Source: Socialstout.com

Know Your Audience

Now if you’ve been binge reading our blogs (for some strange reason), then you’re probably asking yourself, “how many times are these guys going to say this?”. And honestly until we’re blue in the face, and even then, we’ll probably take the risk. The key to a running a successful social media account is truly knowing your target audience. Whether it be women, aged 18-30, living in California, or men, 30-45, in Central Georgia, every business should have a target audience that they’re trying to market to. When it comes to finding your target audience, it may seem like you’re playing the guessing game. In the early stages of finding your target audience, it takes a lot of trial and error posting. For example, posting about a new product that’s available could be a test to see how many likes and followers it generates. After the posting, do your research and use the data, that you collect, to run another test post. You should continue to use this strategy until you find the right target audience.

Use your voice

So, what happens after you find your target audience? You keep them engaged! Now that you’ve figured out your audience, it’s time to entertain them. Posting relevant content that will engage your audience is key. Keeping your followers engaged builds a sense of trust with the company. For example, running contests and adding questions to posts can be a way to create buzz on your page. It creates a way for the followers to learn about your company.

Are you using the right platform for the story?

Social media is very broad, and each platform is different. You could post the same picture on each of your sites and your followers will depict each story differently. Twitter is generally used to let your friends know what’s on your mind while only using 140-280 characters. It is also a place to follow friends, post pics, and retweet/favorite other’s tweets. Instagram is a media sharing app where you can post pictures/videos. When posting on Instagram, add hashtags to add more engagement to the posts. Facebook is a mixture of the both, but it’s more personal. Facebook users range from Millennials to Baby boomers, so the spectrum is wide when it comes to promoting a business. Just remember to have fun and remain professional.

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