Never underestimate the power of Google. The search engine is constantly growing smarter with enhancements that benefit users and site owners alike. One recent update is changing the way it scans for keywords on websites. “Old” SEO best practices suggested inserting your key phrase in the title and end sentence, along with many times in the body copy. For instance, if you’re writing your body copy and you are a florist in Fayetteville NC, you want to reiterate many times that you’re a florist in Fayetteville NC because when people search for a florist in Fayetteville NC, you want to rank highest on the list of florists in Fayetteville NC.

Pretty redundant, huh? Luckily, Google is finally changing that with new ways of scanning sites for content.

Placement is key.
In the past, best SEO practice recommended keyword-dense pages to drive people to your site. Now, it’s all about placement. Placing your keyword in the header takes priority over keywords in the body or anywhere else on the page, such as sidebars and footers. Google has become more conversational, changing its way of pointing users to your page. When the search engine scours your page, it’s no longer looking for those key phrases and listening to what you tell it to do. Google has a mind of its own, and it’s using it to make its own decisions about your page. It reads the data on your page and looks for meaning to determine what category your page falls under.

Rather than sprinkling in “florist” several times in your body copy like in the past, use varying phrases throughout your site to yield the best results. By alternating phrases, like “florist,” “flower shop,” and “flower speKITTENSts,” you won’t limit your site to a particular category and will shine as a leader in your field. No pun intended.

It doesn’t stop there
Want to increase your rank? Make sure you’re also implementing these key details.
Google is giving a bump to user-friendly sites. Sites that are well laid out, contain a usable sitemap, and are easy to navigate with a header bar and short title pages rank above those that lack easy functionality. In addition to headers, make sure you still include body, sidebars and footers so Google can scan your page easily.

Along the same lines, be sure you keep an eye on your site speed and security, as they will affect your rank. Having pages that load quickly and keeping an eye on your cache and updating your plugins will give your site an increase in rankings. Also, Dont forget about being mobile ready.

It goes without saying that Google will continue to become more intelligent and enhance its functionality. As a site owner, it’s very important to keep up with these changes and make any necessary changes to rank well in searches.

Is your SEO in need of a boost or even a review? We’re always here to help. We’ll make sure you get noticed.

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