Facebook New Privacy Settings

On Wednesday this week, Facebook released a new set of privacy controls after addressing the fears many had about how much of their information was being shared, even when they thought it wasn’t. Now it’s even easier with the tools released to show who can and cannot view photos, or information about themselves with those who are not friends. Many Facebook users have said that the controls were hard to understand and you didn’t know for sure if you were doing the right things to protect yourself. Now Facebook has made things easier to understand and easier to use for all Facebook users.

Facebook and other companies have come under fire the past few years with harsh judgements against them and how they handle keeping your information safe and how we are to stay protected online. Earlier this year Facebook was charged by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and they were told they deceived the users on Facebook about how much information was really being shared even when told it wasn’t. Now the user has to get consent each time they need information from a Facebook user. All applications run on Facebook are still having to ask for permission as well and will soon be using their own program and will have to separate requests to create a more personal service to the customer.

Now it’s going to be easier or well we are being told it will be easier to protect yourself from what others can see if you don’t want them to know things about you. This is to better protect you from someone who you maybe don’t know or someone you are to not have contact with, and keeping yourself safe is a big priority for Facebook and the company as a whole. They want you to feel safe and stay part of almost a billion users and have a great time without the fear of someone stealing your information or someone finding information that should have never had access to. Let’s see how this plays out in the next few month and hope that all Facebook users take the time to look over their settings and make sure they are where they want them to be.


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