Some of the things that are considered when planning to design a website include: information architecture, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts, photography and much more. It is a complex process using electronic files that determine how the site is navigated and looks. Website design is important for any business and should be taken seriously. Your website is an effective way to advertise your brand, products, services or special offers. Your website should be custom tailored to your business, user friendly and help the user find information that they are looking for. Your website needs to be consistent, easy to understand and should help build a positive relationship with your visitors. One of the biggest things to consider when designing a website for a business is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without SEO, your website will not show up on the Search Engine result page no matter how nice it looks, how user friendly it is and how appealing the Web Site design happens to be. It just won’t show up if it is not coded in a way that the search engines can read it.

Another thing that sets Web Designers apart is how they’ve mastered the craft of RWD. RWD stands for Responsive Web Design, it is the concept of designing a website that provides an optimal viewing experience, easy navigation with minimum resizing, scrolling and panning across a wide range of devices from desktop to mobile phones. Basically, the Website needs to be designed to automatically fit the device you’re viewing it on, from a widescreen monitor to a smaller laptop or tablet, to your mobile phone. Part of RWD is done by using something called the fluid grid concept and flexible images. The fluid grid concept calls for page element sizing to be in relative units like percentages, rather than absolute units like pixels. With more people on the go and using their mobile phones to look at websites the importance of mobile responsiveness of a website cannot be stressed enough.

How can 219 Group Help?

We have the best creative team in Fayetteville, NC and we will design your website with everything carefully considered and planned. We have professional web designers. graphic designers and copy writers that truly understand SEO and will Optimize your website so that it will be one of the top results on the Search Engines. 219 Group is located in the heart of Fayetteville in historic downtown and is the right place to go for your company’s Web Site Design!

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