Content Marketing on a Budget


We’re asked all the time what easy, cost-efficient marketing strategies we think are best. We understand the constraints of marketing on a tight budget, and that flashy ads or commercials aren’t always feasible. Marketing at growing your small business is hard, but it’s not impossible.

‘What is content marketing?’ you may ask. It’s simple, really: Content Marketing focuses on developing and distributing valuable content to attract and keep a target audience. And when you’re the authority on a subject or in your industry, you’ll gain leads, which you’ll nurture into customers, thus driving your revenue.

If you’ve started your own business, you obviously know a thing or two about setting and meeting goals and developing a plan. Same concept here. Set some strategic goals and know who your audience is. You want customers to visit your site to view your content, so first you’ll need to give them a reason to visit. Set roles for your employees and designate who will create content for your page.

We encourage our clients to post frequently on their blogs to boost SEO and get the conversation started with potential customers or keep it going with current customers. This is such an easy, cost-effective strategy to get people to visit your site. And it doesn’t have to be boring text all the time. Harness the knowledge your company has shared with simple PowerPoint presentations by turning them into SlideShare presentations and posting them into your blog. Or why not share pictures, gifs or infographics to quickly engage your customers?

Keep your company up-to-date by referencing current events about your industry. Staying knowledgeable about your industry will benefit both your company and your audience. Also, make sure you’re communicating internally with your team to see what potential and current clients are asking. We do this weekly (sometimes more) to understand our clients better so we deliver our best strategies and creative. Embracing this technique can help you not only better understand your customers, but can help develop a forum of frequently asked questions and answers for your customers to reference and show your authority in your industry.

Content marketing can be easy and painless with some simple planning and execution. Need help getting started? Reach out! We’re always standing by to help you with your marketing needs.


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