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In a sea of dining options, a gem in the city of Fayetteville was being overlooked. A local brewery with excellent food wasn’t enough. With 219’s help Mash House was able to get back on the diners’ radar with the help of creative social media, website design, print and media services and email marketing. In addition, 219 cleaned up the look of in-house promotional material and menus to refresh Mash House’s overall look. Vehicle wraps, signage, and decals furthered the brand in the community and Mash House is a success story with higher then ever traffic to the restaurant. Can we cheers to that?

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From beer cans, to apparel, to social media graphics and menus, at 219 we have done it all with Mash House. Our team helped create a distinct brand for Mash House and we’ve kept it consistent across all channels. We started by updating their logo, giving them a strong full logo along with their locally recognized hop symbol. Our design team has updated their merch collection and has proudly designed all of their can and bottle labels. Chances are, if you’ve seen something cool at Mash House, we have helped to create it.

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On top of branding and design work, we have served Mash House in other ways. We designed and maintain their website, help to manage social media accounts, provide digital advertising services, negotiate traditional media buys, manage multiple online platforms, provide SEO services, help connect them with our community, and so much more.

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