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When Fayetteville’s minor league hockey team came under new ownership, they decided to buck tradition and give their brand a complete overhaul. Their next step was to introduce themselves to our city as the Fayetteville Marksmen, and that’s where 219 stepped in. We were able to streamline their new look and grow their fan base by providing social media management, digital advertising, and full-service marcom support. In their first year alone, games that we marketed saw ticket sales more than double from the previous year, and our community has embraced their new hometown team.

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We knew that the Marksmen would need to make a big splash when they introduced themselves to our town. That’s why we provided them with marketing on a full service scale and utilized both traditional and digital methods. Our efforts focused on specific games as well as overall brand awareness. We also created separate plans to promote their sponsorship partners. We ran social media promotions, digital and print advertising, designed billboards, scheduled radio advertising and remotes, and assisted their internal team by providing graphics, website updates, and more. With an increase in ticket and merchandise sales, you could say our whole town was cheering “Go Marksmen!”

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