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Fayetteville Police Department wanted to improve their recruitment numbers by getting noticed among agencies in cities all over. The benefits of Fayetteville Police Department were more then enough reason to join – those benefits were front and center of the campaign. By taking a testimonial type approach, 219
let the recruits speak for themselves. The overall campaign utilizing video, web, printed collateral and digital marketing such as social media – tied the recruits to each other and the community, showing that Fayetteville Police Department is more then your typical agency.


219 Group worked with the Fayetteville Police Department on creating attractive print material. using the branded identity we developed, we were able to move that into an attractive rack card.

This made putting recruitment material into prospective candidates hands easy and gives them quick easy to read information on why joining the Fayetteville Police Department would be right for them.

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A web site is the optimal way to provide large amounts of information and gather recruitment applications. 219 Group worked with the Fayetteville Police Department to design and build the “One.” website in order to reach the highest audience.

While making it easy to navigate, 219 Group also implemented a responsive build and SEO best practices to make the website compatible with all platforms as well as easy to find in internet searches.

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