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Nothing Short of Excellent

Hinnant Vineyards is the oldest and largest Muscadine vineyard in North Carolina. And let us tell you – their grapes make some absolutely delicious local wine. If you’ve noticed their bottles on the shelves of your grocery story, you’ve noticed our work. Our team helps Hinnant with design services for their bottle labels and shelf talkers.

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Eyecatching Labels

Working with Hinnant Vineyards on their labels was not only a rewarding experience but an educational one. 219 Group worked with Hinnant to develop new identities for these brands and also made sure that they fell in line with vendor restrictions. It just proved that even with stringent guidelines a creative solution can be found!

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Eyes on the Prize

Creating attractive marketing materials to attract people’s attention to the Hinnant brand was no small feat. By combining our knowledge of design with our attention to statistics, we were able to give Hinnant other promotional opportunities in the stores that carried them. Event posters, store tags and neck tags are just some of the ways we gave Hinnant Vineyards and their wines a new audience.