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219 Group will help you focus on building relationships with prospects and customers over time by providing insightful & valuable content, engaging them on social media and becoming a trusted resource. This approach helps you attract and engage the right prospects, nurture and convert leads into customers, & build brand and customer loyalty. After all, isn’t that what you need from your marketing?

Unlike ever before, customers do much of their own research before committing to purchase. And as easy as it is to find information, you need to be extra conscious about how you engage with customers. You need content and strategies that inform key audiences and effectively push buyers down the marketing funnel. You also need to keep in mind that the way you speak to one audience may be vastly different from the way you speak to another.

Our lead generation process combines blogging, social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, landing pages and conversion design, all in a manageable and measurable way. We also leverage the power of inbound marketing, which costs 61% less per-lead than traditional marketing tactics. Sales activity is more productive because sales is calling on warm leads that are familiar with your company & services. Inbound Marketing activity is directly tied back to revenue creation using results focused tracking and reporting. You’ll know how all of your marketing dollars are performing.

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