Three Rules to Building a Successful Brand


“A brand is a story that is always being told.”

-Scott Bedbury

Branding is an essential part of building a company and at 219 Group we offer full branding development services to our clients. Help on logo design, business identity, and a polished look is what we do best! We always make sure your branding kit is complete with business cards, letterheads and stationary. We make it our mission to make your brand successful in its market. Here are three rules to keep in mind when defining your brand.

Define your Services + Products

One of the most important factors to having a successful brand is defining what your product or service has to offer. Once that is defined then you can find your space in the correct market and discover the needs and concerns of your target audience.

Know your Mission, Values, and Goals

When thinking of your brand you must think of it as a person. Just like any individual that wants to be successful in life, we all have goals, values, and a mission. What are your company’s goals? What does your company value? What is your mission statement?  Goals are something that is often overlooked by many start-up companies by thinking “being successful” is the ultimate goal, but it shouldn’t be. Create a plan along with a timeline of when you would like certain goals to be completed. This helps you to remain focused throughout the process and to stay on task with your mission.

Take Risks!

Being innovative and bold is what it takes to differentiate yourself from your competitors, so never be scared to take risks. At 219, we challenge each one of our clients with creative and daring ideas in hopes of impressing their target audience and making their brand a household name.

Feelings, Emotion and Graphic Design


As the world becomes more connected, attention spans shorten, and Kanye West gets a little crazier, the importance of having good graphic design becomes increasingly apparent. In a nutshell, graphic design is the presentation of ideas and information in a visually engaging manner.

Some people think graphic design only has to do with websites and how they look, but these designs are present everywhere, from newspapers to magazines to posters. When a company takes an ad out in a magazine, the difference between having a page of text regarding the product versus having an image that represents the product is immense. No one wants to sit and read through lines and lines of text (like what you’re doing right now!). They want to look at an interesting graphic that conveys feelings and emotions, and attracts them to the brand. For example, when someone looks at Nike graphic designs, they feel the energy and active lifestyle that is represented, and the feeling that they can do it.

Good graphic design, such as an iconic logo, makes a great first impression on customers, businesses and any one else who looks at it. Having a cheap, poorly made logo would cast an unfavorable light on a business, especially when a customer is trying to decide between competitors. Graphic design also helps communicate a business’ message to its customer, whether it be playful and friendly, or serious and corporate.

So what does someone do when they need high quality graphic designs for their company? They come on over to 219 Group! Out of 10,000 entries, 219 group was chosen by Graphic Design USA to receive three Certificates of Excellence for Graphic Design Awards in the areas of branding, brand identity, and print design. What makes us so good? We use an award winning team to work on visual designs with intent and purpose, specializing in dynamic graphics for web design, social media, traditional marketing, and print. With such a wide range of forms, our designs always come with the audience in mind. There’s no sense trying to describe a picture on a radio ad. Our highly qualified team also helps in brand development. Whether you want to design a logo, fine tune your brand, or simply create some branded stationery, we are there to help, with great graphic designs.

219 Group Expands PR Services


FAYETTEVILLE, NC (July 26, 2016) – 219 Group announced today the acquisition of Patronus Agency, a creative PR firm with regional and national clients. Additionally, Aneisha McMillan, one of the previous owners of Patronus, joins the 219Group team as Director of Public Relations.

“Aneisha will be an incredible asset to our crew and will expand our core services that we provide as a full-service agency.” said 219 Group President, Kirk deViere. “Her ability to create big ideas and uniquely engage consumers will help fuel additional growth for our company.”

McMillan has gained exposure for clients in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, GQ Magazine, Today, Good Morning America, Mashable, Newsweek, Road & Track, Reuters, O the Oprah Magazine, Lucky Magazine, US News & World Report, USA Today, Billboard, Vanity Fair, BET, Yahoo News, Better Homes & Gardens, CNN, Fast Company, AP, Bloomberg, Fox News, ABC News, Wired, Forbes, Men’s Journal, and Popular Mechanics to name a few.

Aneisha is an internationally accomplished publicist with 15 years of experience. She has held PR Director titles at agencies in both Chicago and Pennsylvania, and has worked with brands like Turkey Hill, Chiquita Banana, LazyTown, Bravo Network, Yuengling, Schumacher Homes, Bowlus Road Chief and Shark Tank star, Biaggi.

“From the moment I met Kirk and his team I knew there was a real synergy and that together, we could produce some pretty amazing results for clients,” said McMillan. “The 219 culture is a great fit for me, I’m looking forward to working with this ridiculously creative team to deliver award-winning work and iconic campaigns.”

About 219 Group: 219 Group is a veteran-owned marketing and advertising agency that creates innovative, big ideas and delivers solutions to help our clients share their vision and tell their stories. We offer a full suite of marketing services to help clients of all sizes, budgets, and types achieve their desired results.

Catch Em All at your business with PokemonGO!


How Your Business Can Benefit from Pokémon Go

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week there is no way you have not noticed the increasing popularity of the free app Pokémon Go. Topping Apple’s App Store ‘Top-Grossing’ and ‘Free’ Charts, it has received over eight million downloads in the United States alone after only a few days of being released.  From small kids to grown adults you will see many roaming the sidewalks in your town or city with their smartphones or tablets in their hand, trying to catch ‘em all! Pokémon has perfected the art of creating a new fandom with a young generation that may have not grown up with the popular anime series while bringing out the inner kid in many adults.

But it doesn’t stop there! Since the game requires you to leave your home and walk around to capture the wild Pokémon, many businesses have been capitalizing on this opportunity to increase revenue and you can too! Here are three ways you can benefit from Pokémon Go.

Download the App

Your first step should be downloading the Pokémon Go app and exploring how it works. This will give you a complete understanding on what the game is about and allows you to have hands-on knowledge of the game when promoting your business. “But I don’t know the first thing about Pokémon!?” Relax. You do NOT need to be a guru and know each character but you should know the basics of the game. You will look real silly if you tell players that they can catch ‘Swampert’ at your place of business (side note: this is silly because the app only involves the first generation Pokémon for now… that one is in the third generation, it’s okay, you’ll catch up). Also downloading the app will allow you to see if your place of business is a PokeStop or a gym. A PokeStop is where players catch wild Pokémon and the Gyms are where players battle each other out. Knowing the difference is crucial.

Throw Down a Lure

Throwing down a lure is like throwing up a lob in basketball. All you have to do is throw the ball and wait for the ultimate dunk. A lure is an in-app purchase where you can increase the number of wild Pokémon in your area for half an hour. This may sound crazy to do but you will not believe the numbers of players you will see roaming around your area in just a few seconds for these characters are very rare to find. A number of restaurants have done this and saw business boom for them from a number of hungry players. We suggest doing this on a Friday or Saturday night for many friends like to team up catch Pokémon together.

Advertise on Social Media

After understanding the game and creating a lure, the next step is to promote on all social media platforms. If your place of business or the area that surrounds you is a PokeStop or Gym, let players know! Tell players to screenshot the wild Pokémon that they caught in your area and send it to you so you can post it, while also giving the player a shout-out so you can build customer loyalty. Make sure to use the hashtag #PokémonGo and #Pokémon so can boost your awareness.

Connecting with your Audience


“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” -Seth Godin

At 219 We specialize in full-service marketing campaigns and marketing management with clear objectives. Besides using social media and internet search tools to tap into your audience, we also use traditional marketing techniques to increase awareness. Press releases, copy for radio or TV announcements, managing and organizing press events, or promoting your business message on our many social networks, 219 can take of all your PR needs.

If you’ve talked about sales you’ve heard the sayings, “it’s not about what you know but about who you know” or “there’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth”. Now that our society is moving from face to face interactions, there is question if this is still the case. The answer is yes. However the strategy has changed.

Word of mouth marketing is the original platform for social media. Most businesses right now are facing the issue of how to create contemporary efforts to create experiences worthy of being passed from person-to-person.

The problem is that for the last few years, marketers have been focused on “collecting” instead of “connecting.” In other words, brands are too caught up in collecting social media fans and they are forgetting to actually connect with them. Having 100 really passionate fans that love your brand or product is exponentially more effective than having 10,000 “fans” who signed up just to win a free iPad from you. The key is finding effective engagement.

Statistics have proven that social media and online marketing are powerful tools to drive business. 81% of U.S. online consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts versus 78% who are influenced by the posts of the brands they follow on social media. (Market Force)

Many of your potential customers will check you out on Google before they actually pursue your company. We will manage your online reputation and engage with your customers to ensure positive customer service online.

Our connections with local media and advertisement groups will allow your company valuable exposure.

Our services offer options to reach a broad audience. Our relationships with regional and local print as well as broadcast give us strong ties with the community and contacts when we need to deliver a message to the community. Together with our clients, we develop a clear voice paired with a powerful message to deliver to our target outlet, yielding the best results for our clients. This messaging will build meaningful, trustworthy relationships with the public and media alike.

Creating the Consumer Experience Through Social Media


The past few years have led to a transition in the marketing industry. Detached advertisements are no longer successful. The millennial generation is focused on receiving an experience rather than the product itself. This result has lead to a transition towards an interactive customer experience. Marketers must focus on relevance, context, and effective delivery.

Social media is one platform that is growing in this industry. Consumers feel engaged by social media interaction. The objective of a social media strategy for many businesses is to increase the reach and visibility of their company. The challenge involved with social media, is creating a customized platform.

Find your audience:
It is tempting to follow what is trending in popular culture and jump on whatever platform is being talked about the most. Maximizing your social media use means choosing those platforms and practices that suit your core business strategy. Utilizing analytics can help you discover your target audience. Pages with a larger following can be a great source. Connecting with their page will give you exposure to the following built by that page. Joining group and community pages with similar interests will allow you to reach potential audience members. Location, interest and demographic are key in building your target audience.

Create your platform:
There are several social media sites that may suit your company’s needs. Facebook may be the largest social media platform, but Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram have the highest growth rates. Each site has its benefits. If your target audience is an older generation, and followers seem to have a long attention span for content than Facebook may be the best site for you. If you have a younger following who seeks a constant connection than Twitter and Snapchat may be better routes for you to pursue. All social sites provide you with management insights. This information is very valuable as it allows you to see what is most effective for your page. Focus on what is already successful for your company and try to build where you are weak.

Grow your following:
Social media isn’t a place to advertise your products or services 24/7. The key is to engage your followers. Your sites provide a platform for providing your prospects and customers with useful and interesting content. Engaging with them in two-way dialogue is what will drive your success. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule; 80% of your content should be helpful information and the remaining 20% can be of a promotional nature. Showing you are involved with others and in the community is key. Publicize your social presence, show your support to others and the more likely your page is to be given support. Engaging with influencers and the social community can also help boost the following of your page. By linking up with other sites, your page will have more exposure. Another way to keep your audience engaged is by offering contests and promotions for your audience to stay involved. People are attracted to interaction and can from there be led to promotion.

Why Google My Business is Important to your Business


Today’s average customer doesn’t just want to know where your business is located, they want to know turn-by-turn directions at their fingertips, what to expect when they arrive, and if others customers had a positive experience with your business. With the simple click of a button, your customers can readily see all of this information in one place, Google My Business.

When someone needs information they Google it. “I Googled it” is even used as a common phrase in today’s language. Not all people believe in Facebook or Instagram, but everyone believes in Google. A potential customer can just about Google any service at any time with the convenience of their smart phone.

So why should your business be on Google My Business?


When your potential customer is looking for your services in the area, they are able to find you with ease. Your address and services will pop up immediately for the customer to see. It is important that all of your information is updated frequently so that customers can easy find your location. If your first impression with a customer is sending them to your old location, you’re not likely to get a second chance and you risk getting a bad customer review. Always take them time to ensure you’re not losing customers to a bad address!

Customer Reviews

Love them or hate them, 80% of users look to customer reviews before visiting your business or using your services. When you have an appreciative client, don’t be shy to ask that they take the time to share their good experience through a review. What are reviews but word of mouth on steroids! Instead of receiving insight from advertisement, customers can read first-hand experience from their virtual neighbors. Through reviews you are also able to open up a conversation with your customers. If someone had a bad experience at your place of business, respond to them! Nothing is better than seeing a business owner try and do right by their customers.


You’re reading about how much Google My Business can help you, but how will you know? Through extensive reporting with Google insights. Google provides you with numbers on where your customers are coming from, where they are finding you, and what attracted them to choose you over your competitors.

It’s Free!

There are so many benefits to Google My Business, and it’s absolutely free.

If you are not utilizing this tool that Google has gifted to you, you are missing out on a large portion of potential customers. What’s the use in hiding all of your great services from your customers? Let 219 Group manage your online presence and experience the benefits of Google My Business!

Local Marketing Agency 219 Group Wins Multiple Awards


FAYETTEVILLE – 219 Group was recently recognized by Graphic Design USA for multiple achievements in 2015. 219 Group was chosen out of 10,000 entries to receive three Certificate of Excellence for Graphic Design Awards in the areas of branding, brand identity and print design.

For 50 years, Graphic Design USA has sponsored competitions that highlight areas of excellence for creative professionals. GDUSA’s American Graphic Design Awards is the original and leader in this category. The competition is open to all in the community: design firms, ad agencies, corporations, non-profits, institutions, and more. GDUSA recognizes all achievements of work across all platforms of media.

Kirk deViere, President of 219 Group said “These awards showcase our creative’s team abilities as we competed against design teams from all over the United States. I am proud of our teams accomplishment and more importantly for the creative marketing solutions we provide to our clients everyday.”

219 Group is a veteran-owned marketing and advertising agency offering a full suite of marketing services to help clients of all sizes, budgets, and types achieve their desired results. Services include brand development, digital services, graphic design, social media marketing, analytics, lead generation, media services, and public relations. More information about 219 Group and their services can be found on their site at

ZipQuest Embarking on a New Adventure with 219 Group


ZipQuest Waterfall and Treetop Adventure has partnered with 219 Group for all their marketing needs, including advertising, public relations, social media, digital marketing, promotions, and web design.

219 Group is excited to help ZipQuest achieve even more success through growing awareness of their thrilling opportunities and bringing in more locals and visitors to experience their exhilarating adventures.

“We are thrilled to have 219 Group partnering with us,” said Chief Adventure Officer and Co-Owner, Russ Bryan. “They have an amazing creative team and we have full confidence in their ability to deliver the type of marketing we need to take our company to the next level.”

ZipQuest allows participants to zip through the treetops of the beautiful North Carolina forest and over the region’s only waterfall – Carver’s Falls. ZipQuest, the world-class zipline tour and nature adventure, has been experiencing high-flying success. This year, Trip Advisor awarded them with a 2015 Certificate Excellence due to their consistent high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers.

Kirk deViere, President and Owner of 219 Group, echoed his enthusiasm for this partnership: “ZipQuest is such a fun client to work with. We’re excited to tell their story and promote an adventure that so many can enjoy while experiencing the natural beauty of North Carolina.”

Those wishing to learn more about Zipquest’s thrilling adventures can visit

About 219 Group: 219 Group is a veteran-owned marketing and advertising agency offering a full suite of marketing services to help clients of all sizes, budgets, and types achieve their desired results. Services include brand development, digital services, graphic design, social media marketing, analytics, lead generation, media services, and public relations. For more information about 219 Group please visit

219 Group Continues Growth


Fayetteville, N.C. – 219 Group announced today the acquisition of Fallon Design as well as Joe Fallon, the previous owner, joining the 219 Group award-winning creative team.

“We’re very excited to have Joe join our crew,” said 219 Group President Kirk deViere. “We’ve seen his history of success and creativity, and we know he’ll help us grow and achieve results for our growing list of clients.”

A Fayetteville native, Fallon received his Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Raleigh Durham, graduating with honors. After graduation, Joe started Fallon Design, his own design company with such high-profile clients as the Durham Chamber Of Commerce, Raleigh Little Theater, and the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club.

“It’s great to be back home and working for such a great creative company,” said Fallon. “I knew I wanted to be part of something bigger than my design company and 219 Group will allow me to do that.”

About 219 Group: 219 Group is a veteran-owned marketing and advertising agency offering a full suite of marketing services to help clients of all sizes, budgets, and types achieve their desired results. Services include brand development, digital services, graphic design, social media marketing, analytics, lead generation, media services, and public relations.

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