How to Claim & Set Up Social Media Sites

How to claim & set up social media assets for your business or brand:

Often times when we start working with a client, a business or a brand they’re social media assets are in various stages of completion. They’re focused on running and operating the day-to-day of the business. That’s where our team can help. Setting up these account correctly not only maximizes their presence and impact, but they serve as a very important place people can find important information about your business.

Google local:
If you have a local business, you should establish or claim your Google local account. There you can list your hours of operation, address, phone number, website and other information. If there’s already page that exists for your business, visit it and scroll down towards the bottom.  Find the box that says:  is this your business? Manage this page and click on it. If you are not already signed into your gmail account, it will ask you to do so and walk you through the steps to claim the page, make edits, add images, and respond to reviews. In order to prove your connection to the business it may ask you to verify by phone, mailed postcard or email. This is the page that Google will show first, so ensuring its contents are correct is important. Plus, it’s EASY and FREE!! Can’t beat that.

Yelp page:
Yelp is a local review site where customers and clients can post about their experiences. It’s important to have access to your business’ page so you can respond to the reviews here, either positive or negative. When you’re on your Yelp business page, you can scroll down to the red box that says Claim your Buisness.  Once there it will walk you through setting up a user name and password and verifying. There’s three basic steps: creating a business account, confirming your connection to the business, and then accessing your Yelp Business Account.

Facebook business or brand page:
Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow you to “claim” or verify pages that may already hold your business name or desired customized url. You can start a new page by visiting and clicking on “Create a Page” at the bottom of the log in screen. You have to have a certain number of fans or “likes” before you can create a customized Facebook url. There are ways of doing this immediately though with agency help. If you’re interested in this, contact us today. You also want to make sure the page contents and descriptions are optimized properly to work with you search engine optimization strategy.

Twitter business or brand account:
Twitter falls under the same category as Facebook. If the account already exists,  it belongs to someone else. Open a new account or convert an old account you may already have by changing the Twitter handle (Yes!! You can do that).

Your Youtube channel will be connected to your Google+ and Gmail account. Login with your Gmail credentials and then visit  Once there it may ask for your password again. Click on the Advanced Account Settings and look under Channel Settings. Click on Create Custom URL. Click here to read about optimizing your Youtube content for SEO.

Even if you don’t do anything with these accounts right away, it’s important to claim them, set the customized url, and have access to the accounts. Graphics and search engine optimized content are also very important parts of setting up and claiming these accounts. 219 Group offers a social media package that includes set up and graphics on all sites. Often times it’s easier to work on getting your new business up and running while we set up you digital assets and provide you access and logins.  Contact us today if you’re interested in this service.

Optimizing Youtube Videos For SEO

Creating video content is only the first step to maximizing it’s benefits: optimizing Youtube videos take it to the next step.

Did you know that Youtube is actually a search engine? Most think of it as just a video hosting site, but its search function is just as important as the ability to store and host your video clips. These clips can be tools to drive traffic to your site and create a more robust search and social marketing strategy.

However, the key to your videos ranking well and assisting an SEO strategy is optimizing Youtube videos properly.

On-Page SEO for optimizing Youtube videos:

1-      Title and video description
The title of the video should be engaging and interesting but it should also include keywords that you’re targeting. Some search engines, like Google, shorten titles with more than 60+ characters, so be sure to get a keyword in within the first few words to make sure it counts.

The description should not only describe the video and what’s going on in the video, but also also use keywords. This is fine line. Don’t stuff the description with keywords, but use them as naturally as possible. You can also add more relevant, or secondary keywords, in the description. Be sure to also include links in the description, but make sure to do so in the beginning since only the first few lines are initially visible when your video url is loaded.


2-      Tags
Just like on a web page tags should be included with each video uploaded. It’s ideal to include 4-8 relevant keywords as a tag. When a user is searching for videos, Youtube complies a list of “related” video content that you might be interested in viewing. This related content is comprised by using tags in videos.


Off-Page SEO for optimizing Youtube videos:

3-      Inbound link
The easiest way to get an inbound link to your Youtube video is to embed it on your website. You should also share the video on Facebook,  Twitter and your other social networks.


4-      Popularity
The more popular video, the higher it will rank on Youtube. The more comments and likes it gets the higher it ranks. Created engaging content that makes people want to interact.

Creating the content for Youtube is just the first step. To get the most out of it, you need it optimized to it’s best. If you have questions about optimizing Youtube videos tweet us your questions @219Group.

Email, Social, and Mobile Are Marketers’ 2013 Budget Priorities

Email, Social, and Mobile Are Marketers’ 2013 Budget Priorities

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If you didn’t know before, well now should be the time to listen to what the others are putting their money into in 2013. Most businesses large and small are going to take most of the marketing budget viral this year. Email, social media and few other places are going to grow in the world of advertising. This shouldn’t be a shock to many as the Facebook has a population of almost one billion people. The target audiences are the main users of college students and recent grads, but now it’s not just your high school of college buddy on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Your grandma and her bridge buddies are also using these sites to stay connected to family and friends. While many people are making changes in the way they live with getting rid of cable TV, internet costs are still low and social media sites are still free to use. So why not put more money into something that millions will see instead of a small age group at certain times of the day!

Almost 56% of marketing executives plan to beef up their viral ads and spend even more on social media sites. This shouldn’t be any stunning news to the world but for those of you who think that Facebook, Twitter and other sites like these won’t make you money, that no one pays attention, you might want to think again. This is the best place for customers to tell everyone what they think of your product and business, word of mouth isn’t just passed on the street anymore. It’s now passed by a few comments from ones experience with your brand or company. When you are active in the community, even online people see you are one of them, and that you care about the product, the company and the customer.

The top 4 areas that many will use in 2013 will be Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Devices, and SEO. Direct mail, and many tradeshows and events will take the back seat this year as the cost on those is larger than to the ones like email and social media. Take a look at what others are doing online and don’t’ be the last one to jump into SEO, and social media. Make 2013 a year for you and make sure you stay in the game.

Facebook New Privacy Settings

On Wednesday this week, Facebook released a new set of privacy controls after addressing the fears many had about how much of their information was being shared, even when they thought it wasn’t. Now it’s even easier with the tools released to show who can and cannot view photos, or information about themselves with those who are not friends. Many Facebook users have said that the controls were hard to understand and you didn’t know for sure if you were doing the right things to protect yourself. Now Facebook has made things easier to understand and easier to use for all Facebook users.

Facebook and other companies have come under fire the past few years with harsh judgements against them and how they handle keeping your information safe and how we are to stay protected online. Earlier this year Facebook was charged by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and they were told they deceived the users on Facebook about how much information was really being shared even when told it wasn’t. Now the user has to get consent each time they need information from a Facebook user. All applications run on Facebook are still having to ask for permission as well and will soon be using their own program and will have to separate requests to create a more personal service to the customer.

Now it’s going to be easier or well we are being told it will be easier to protect yourself from what others can see if you don’t want them to know things about you. This is to better protect you from someone who you maybe don’t know or someone you are to not have contact with, and keeping yourself safe is a big priority for Facebook and the company as a whole. They want you to feel safe and stay part of almost a billion users and have a great time without the fear of someone stealing your information or someone finding information that should have never had access to. Let’s see how this plays out in the next few month and hope that all Facebook users take the time to look over their settings and make sure they are where they want them to be.

Social Media Has My Vote

When I was a kid, I remember my parents watching hours after hours of news coverage and endless debates to find out what each candidate believed. If it wasn’t the TV, it was the radio or the newspapers.

The wheels of political ideologies has now spread beyond those mediums and even beyond the technology that was used to distribute the information in the first place. It was easy to only regard the talking heads on TV as your only way to connect with the candidates.

The times, they are a’ changing.

You can still turn on the tv and radio to get your information, but when it comes to what you believe, you are more affected by your circles of family than Sean Hannity or Wolf Blitzer.

Now through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms, we are not only able to engage with the candidates (or at the very least,campaign volunteers) but the information about each has spread more quickly. You need not follow a candidate to learn about them, you only need to have followers or friends. With the continued evolution of social media, you can now literally pin your hopes on one candidate (i.e. Pinterest). The opinions on taxes, gay rights, abortion, healthcare are being shared non-stop on Twitter and Facebook.

Did you miss the debates? With the millions of users live-tweeting every minute of it, the presidential race has become near impossible to ignore. Comments and criticisms on every word spoken can be seen from state to state. Some in a positive way, some in an attacking way.

On this election Tuesday, although you may want to just hide under the bed, you value those social networks, you will be logging in and you will see the messages. Tweets and Facebook status updates will be flying faster than a Nyan cat.

Dont hide or let social networking go the way of TV and Radio.

Interact today, post Go Obama, Go Romney or Go Away. You are part of the network and without us, the citizens, interacting, it just becomes a breeding ground for negativity and hateful banter.

Today, you can be the difference and tomorrow you can resume instagramming cats and sharing images from someEcards.

by Rick
Senior Web Developer

Foursquare marketing: What and why

Foursquare marketingWhile we’ve talked about social media marketing before, now we’re going to get specific, location-specific to be exact, with talking about Foursquare marketing: What it is and why businesses do it.

The social media app Foursquare debuted in August of 2010, allowing users to “check in” to their locations and interact with their environments via any applicable mobile device.

As a way of utilizing the app’s tools, Foursquare marketing allows businesses to send Foursquare users to their physical locations while also allowing Foursquare’s social media functionality to market their business over the web, all while giving Foursquare users incentives and exclusives.

The first perk of Foursquare marketing is pretty obvious: Business owners can provide Foursquare points and other benefits as incentives for “checking in” to their locations. Users earn Foursquare points for each check-in they complete (sometimes earning “mayorship” of that location), and, by syncing with the user’s other social media hubs, these points along with badges and other accomplishments can be compared with their friends who also use Foursquare. Users then compete, for example, to see who can visit the most places or who is the most loyal to a given franchise.

The second perk of Foursquare marketing goes a bit deeper: Foursquare marketing allows businesses to offer specific and exclusive offers to consumers who use the service. In exchange for visiting a location, users can not only earn credentials on Foursquare, but can gain discounted movie tickets, free meals at a restaurant, even become part of a Foursquare loyalty program with that business. Check out Mashable’s Campaigns Editor Lauren Drell spotlight on six worthwhile Foursquare marketing campaigns here.

In this day and age, anybody with a mobile device can become Mayor of the Office on the Second Floor with Foursquare. As an added bonus, businesses can also further the communication and interactions that they have with their consumers along with providing solid exclusives via Foursquare marketing.

Call us today if you’re dying to  dip your toes into Foursquare marketing?

Social Media Marketing: How It Can Help You

First, let’s start of with defining “Social Media Marketing.” It’s understood in the marketing industry as using social media channels to market your product or business.  Social media channels included mostly digital assets like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Foursquare, Yelp, Urban Spoon, and others.      

Social media is a rich location for marketing because this has already has a large presence.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FACT: Facebook users return to the site over 95% of the time withing 30 days.

Social media marketing aids your businesses in identifying the potential customers that can benefit from your services, provide feedback, and allows you offer immediate customer service.  This also enables you to fully understand the needs of the consumers and listen to their suggestions.  Listening to they have to say on how you can improve your product or business creates a strong bond between customers and companies, which makes for a very loyal fan base.  Social media marketing includes this collective conversation that is happening online and can really be the doing or the undoing of a company.  Check out Buddy Media’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Ragovin talk about brands adapting to social media or dying here.

So let’s get into some specifics.  Social media marketing doesn’t just include having a Facebook brand page or a twitter account.  It’s about knitting together all digital assets associated with your brand or business and compiling a cohesive marketing strategy.  And as we always suggest, any social media marketing strategy should compliment or at least include the consideration of any traditional media marketing plans for the brand or company.  Get the inside scoop on digital vs traditional media here.

Post your answers here: Do you think your business can benefit from social media marketing?

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