Optimizing Youtube Videos For SEO

Creating video content is only the first step to maximizing it’s benefits: optimizing Youtube videos take it to the next step.

Did you know that Youtube is actually a search engine? Most think of it as just a video hosting site, but its search function is just as important as the ability to store and host your video clips. These clips can be tools to drive traffic to your site and create a more robust search and social marketing strategy.

However, the key to your videos ranking well and assisting an SEO strategy is optimizing Youtube videos properly.

On-Page SEO for optimizing Youtube videos:

1-      Title and video description
The title of the video should be engaging and interesting but it should also include keywords that you’re targeting. Some search engines, like Google, shorten titles with more than 60+ characters, so be sure to get a keyword in within the first few words to make sure it counts.

The description should not only describe the video and what’s going on in the video, but also also use keywords. This is fine line. Don’t stuff the description with keywords, but use them as naturally as possible. You can also add more relevant, or secondary keywords, in the description. Be sure to also include links in the description, but make sure to do so in the beginning since only the first few lines are initially visible when your video url is loaded.


2-      Tags
Just like on a web page tags should be included with each video uploaded. It’s ideal to include 4-8 relevant keywords as a tag. When a user is searching for videos, Youtube complies a list of “related” video content that you might be interested in viewing. This related content is comprised by using tags in videos.


Off-Page SEO for optimizing Youtube videos:

3-      Inbound link
The easiest way to get an inbound link to your Youtube video is to embed it on your website. You should also share the video on Facebook,  Twitter and your other social networks.


4-      Popularity
The more popular video, the higher it will rank on Youtube. The more comments and likes it gets the higher it ranks. Created engaging content that makes people want to interact.

Creating the content for Youtube is just the first step. To get the most out of it, you need it optimized to it’s best. If you have questions about optimizing Youtube videos tweet us your questions @219Group.

Facebook Unveils Changes to the Newsfeed

Facebook Unveils Changes to the Newsfeed


Facebook unveiled some key things that are changing to how the Timeline is viewed. Before you click away because you focus more on your brand page and don’t care about changes to the personal timeline, think about this: as a business social media marketer, the user experience is the cornerstone of connectivity. Even if changes may not specifically impact how pages are viewed, they do affect your entire audience. That’s why it’s important to know about them and understand them.

Good. You’re still with us. Here’s a quick summary of what’s changing:

-Pictures will be bigger. Photo albums shared also get a redesign.

-No more Facebook! Well not exactly, the word “Facebook” doesn’t appear, only the lower case “f” logo.  They said they wanted to make it simpler and cleaner.

-Wait, simpler? Yes. So they said. Now instead of two ways to view your Facebook newsfeed “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” you’ll have many more options (so it’s actually more complicated?). There’s a friends only, pictures, games, following, music, and groups streams that you can click on.  All these will still use Facebook’s algorithm, Edgerank, to decide what you see.

This is where it gets interesting for brand pages.  When asked if the new Timeline view impacts brand pages directly, the panel from Facebook said “no.”  We’re skeptical. According to Facebook, brands and public figures you follow or “like” will fall under the “following” stream and users will have to click to the different stream to see the updates. However, the question remains: if your friends like content on the page, will those actions then be broadcast in your Friend’s only stream? It’s a lot of “wait and see.”

We think there’s going to be more concentration on ads, sponsored stories, and promoted posts.  You know, the stuff that costs some money.  It’s still some of the cheapest form of advertising you can get, but we think it’s going to become even more worth your while.

For now, you can sign up to be on the waiting list for the new Timeline view here: https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

Let us know what you think, what you’re concerned about, and what you’d like to see below:

Email, Social, and Mobile Are Marketers’ 2013 Budget Priorities

Email, Social, and Mobile Are Marketers’ 2013 Budget Priorities

Read more: http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2012/9689/email-social-and-mobile-are-marketers-2013-budget-priorities-for-2013#ixzz2EwiaTYsl

If you didn’t know before, well now should be the time to listen to what the others are putting their money into in 2013. Most businesses large and small are going to take most of the marketing budget viral this year. Email, social media and few other places are going to grow in the world of advertising. This shouldn’t be a shock to many as the Facebook has a population of almost one billion people. The target audiences are the main users of college students and recent grads, but now it’s not just your high school of college buddy on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Your grandma and her bridge buddies are also using these sites to stay connected to family and friends. While many people are making changes in the way they live with getting rid of cable TV, internet costs are still low and social media sites are still free to use. So why not put more money into something that millions will see instead of a small age group at certain times of the day!

Almost 56% of marketing executives plan to beef up their viral ads and spend even more on social media sites. This shouldn’t be any stunning news to the world but for those of you who think that Facebook, Twitter and other sites like these won’t make you money, that no one pays attention, you might want to think again. This is the best place for customers to tell everyone what they think of your product and business, word of mouth isn’t just passed on the street anymore. It’s now passed by a few comments from ones experience with your brand or company. When you are active in the community, even online people see you are one of them, and that you care about the product, the company and the customer.

The top 4 areas that many will use in 2013 will be Email Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Devices, and SEO. Direct mail, and many tradeshows and events will take the back seat this year as the cost on those is larger than to the ones like email and social media. Take a look at what others are doing online and don’t’ be the last one to jump into SEO, and social media. Make 2013 a year for you and make sure you stay in the game.

About outsourcing marketing

It’s a question that may or not be looming over the realms of your business psyche: How far could my business reach if I tried outsourcing marketing?

Outsourcing marketing might put your business in a position that you couldn’t reach within your own walls of expertise.

Many companies today already outsource the crux of their marketing department — advertising. However, increasingly, it would seem that having a deeper level of marketing performance and strategies is necessary for developing a company to the status that you’re looking for. Analytics, monthly consumer reports, social media, SEO, and all the other ones — outsourcing marketing puts you into access of these services and can be most econonically efficient than trying to do these strateiges in-house.

Outsourcing marketing can give you an edge on competition.

To be successful in the evolving, globalizing world, it takes a diverse mixture of wide-reach and intimate locality in regrads to your business. No longer is it efficient to send out mailing flyers and savings coupons and hope that customers will find you. It takes an online presense complete with social media support, a strong search engine optimization plan, and a recognizable brand and corporate idenity.

Outsourcing marketing can expand your business to ways that maybe you couldn’t before. In order to compete with the progress that other companies can have, and to make the economically-sound decisions to do that, outsourcing marketing is a best-fit for smaller businesses.

All about outsourcing PR and reputation management

How could you benefit from outsourcing PR and reputation management to an outside company?

Your business’ image is important to knowing that your customers see you in a positive light and that their first interactions with you lead to a successful and productive relationship. Outsourcing PR and reputation management is a way to ensure that your relationships and conveyances to potential clients are meaningful and worthwhile, and may be a better option for smaller businesses than trying to do these things within your own company.

Online reputation is an especially important factor in outsourcing PR and reputation management. Having a presence on search engines or in social media won’t mean much if users will see the negative reviews your company has picked up. First impressions are key — online reputation involves making sure your customers see the best of you first, and outsourcing PR and reputation management can help with that. It’s commonly said that satisfied customers tell no one and dissatisfied customers tell everyone. By outsourcing PR and reputation management, your company will have every satisfied customer telling everybody in person and on the web.

It’s easy enough to understand — Consumers are the backbone of your business. Without them, any hope at progress or growth is shot. It can be hard to directly satisfy the needs of every customer if you don’t have a dedicated team to do it with, and it can be harder if your a smaller business that can’t get that team so easily. By outsourcing PR and reputation management, this all can not only be accomplished, but in a way that uses industry expertise and knowledgeable execution.

About outsourcing social media

When should your business deem it necessary to try outsourcing social media?

The big-name, big-box companies have it all figured out already — it doesn’t take much of their time, funds, or energy to create a social media marketing strategy internally, implement that strategy directly to their market, and watch as awareness and interest of their service spreads over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and all those other social media sites.

For smaller businesses, this process is a little more difficult, making outsourcing social media seem more appealing. Locality and intimacy with clients is a major, major component of how local small businesses attract consumers over more corporatized businesses.

You may want to consider outsourcing social media to a firm that can handle projecting your local business directly to the community in which you serve. You can ensure that the community is familiar with and shares a sense of identity with your business by outsourcing social media to somebody who knows the area and know how to make social media work. Plus, the time and energy it can take for successful social media can be a drain in productivity. You can have somebody who is there solely to connect with your audience through social media, and run business with the satisfaction of knowing that your clients are being reached as well as heard.

So, in this situation, outsourcing social media would be a pretty solid investment.

By outsourcing social media, you’re ensured that the process is done correctly. You’ll have local people making your local business present in the daily lives of local, potential clients and consumers. By picking the right partner for outsourcing social media, you’ll also have access to other new media facets such as SEO, marketing, and design.

Knowlegability and performance — those are the incentives for outsourcing social media.

About outsourcing search

Why should I consider outsourcing search for my business?

We can talk about outsourcing in multiple areas, but one of the most basic and fundamental form of making sure people can find your business on the web comes from outsourcing search and search engines.

We’ve been all over SEO and how it can help your business, but it is also important to consider that as business grows and as more and more companies want to make their online presence worthwhile, the more and more complicated and competitive search engine marketing will become, and the more likely that outsourcing search will prove more beneficial than figuring it out in-house.

Search engine advertising has been exploding over the last some 20 years, from being only a $50,000 industry in the 1990s to a $1 billion industry by the early 2000s and growing even larger since then. The principle of locality and connection applies here — outsourcing search not only gives your business to somebody who knows there way around SEO, but also makes sure that people searching for you in your area will find you and want to continue the communication. With millions of options existing online, outsourcing search engine marketing provides the quality of making your business stand out as well as ensuring intimacy with potential consumers.

The infinitely deep caverns of Google, Bing, Yahoo! and the like can be impossibley complicated and filled with pit-falls of competition. Test out multiple firms to see which ones are best suited to your decision for outsourcing search for your company. It’s best to see which kind of company can provide the intimacy and connection clauses and we mentioned earlier.

Either way, when you decide to try outsourcing search, you make the decision to create an easily accessable and refreshingly local experience to potential clients and consumers.

Outsourcing web design

Did you ever think that maybe your business’ web presence would flourish if you tried outsourcing web design?

So people might be able to find you on the web, they might be able to get in contact with you, and they might know a little bit about your brand and how you represent yourself. But what if they simply can’t navigate their way around your site or are just put off by your site’s design or layout? What if they are turned off of your business because your web resources are just on the flat side? By outsourcing  web design needs, you are given knowledgeable experience in the field as well as an unlimited amount of options and services.

Know what you’re doing

Design firms and agencies have people who are experienced as well as educated in knowing how to design your website and implement your ideas into action. Everything from visuals to backlinking to multimedia to graphics — by outsourcing web design you are not limited in the scope of what you can do online. Make your site unquie and creative, or classy and professional, or maybe a mixture of both.

Outsourcing web design can result in assured quality in the site your producing — instead of reaching barriers that exist from the limits of your company’s technical abilities, you’ll have industry professionals who know the game and how to make it work for you.

Maybe your site is fine the way it is — nobody is saying it’s not. Maybe you’ve got the information and features that you need on your site, and maybe you’re content with the way it looks and the way the site navigates. That’s perfect. However, if you you ever feel that your site could use a bit of extra juice, or that you feel overwhelmed with the technical side, or just want to explore the possilbilties, outsourcing web design might be your best option.

The Revolution: Google+

Google+ will revolutionize the web, but not for the reason you might think.

I have read a lot about the new stats that show Google+ will be at 400 million users by the end of the year. The most common argument I hear is “So what, it’s 400 million inactive accounts!” One author said, “the number is only that high because every Android device is forced to get one, it will never be a viable network.” Why yes; that is exactly the point.

Google+ is not about being the best social network.

Even if that was the plan originally it might not be the plan now. Now this being said I am sure Google would not be mad if they became the go to spot for all of your vague dramatic posts about someone or something, but that isn’t the point. One of the things that made Facebook soooooo attractive to investors was that it had mountains of data about you, your friends and family. Your likes, wants, needs, are all in a neat little package called a social network that could be sold to advertisers. The problem came when people realized there was not a monetization plan for mobile, which depending on who you talked to is either half of all users or 75% of all Facebook users. Ouch.

Imagine that same situation with Google+. Google already has monetization down pat. There are a zillion ways to monetize search with the mountains of data that could be collected from your mobile device. Since Android has the largest market share in the mobile market (54% at the moment) it is safe to say they will know where you are going, what you like, and can market back to you in Google Local, Google Search, Google Play or even Google+.

Google+ takes advantages of mobile that other outlets cannot.

Google recently retired a ton of products that no one cared about possibly to focus those teams on building mobile and tablet divisions. These are the future veins of marketing for small businesses. Google local optimization using social data collected from networks and mobile devices will allow small to medium sized businesses to compete in ways they thought they were with Google Adwords years ago.

The future is here, Google has seen it, and it is mobile. Four hundred million mobile users are predicted by Jan 1 2013. Is your business ready?

Bad Reviews on Google+ Local: What To Do

bad reviews on google+ local

Does your business have bad reviews on Google+ local?

You’re not alone — there are other businesses that have looked at their local places page and saw bad reviews on Google+ local.  Perhaps you’ve had a change in management, or perhaps you didn’t even know about the bad reviews on Google+ local and couldn’t respond in a timely manner.  Regardless of the reason, bad reviews are not something to just brush off and ignore. Dealing with them and responding to the bad reviews on bad reviews on Google+ local is always and first and foremost recommendation.  Just as you would if someone called your business with a complaint or came in with a complaint — you wouldn’t ignore them, you’d politely respond.

Bad reviews on Google+ local are some of the first thing potential customers can see when they Google your business. Don’t let them be turned off right away.  Give them a reason to try you, come see you, or call you.

Bad reviews on Google+ local also contribute to the rating of your business.  Recently Google+ Local removed the star rating and replaced them with a scores.  Having a high score means having positive reviews on several different review sites: tripadvisor.com, yahoo.com, and urbanspoon.com.  (Read how Google+ Local determines your business’ score.)  Bad reviews on Google+ local factors into this score — or potentially the first impression customers have of your business when looking you up on the web.

The good news: we can help!  We have tips and suggestions of how to respond to the bad reviews on Google+ local and how to get more reviews overall.

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