Who is 219 Group?

You know us, we went to grade school together.

219 Group is a veteran-owned marketing, advertising, and public relations agency that creates innovative, big ideas and delivers solutions to help our clients share their vision and tell their stories. We are a team of creative talent, digital gurus, storytellers, and masters of marketing. 219 Group offers a full suite of marketing services to help clients of all sizes, budgets, and types achieve their desired results.

Our marketing and advertising solutions range from brand development, media services, creative, public relations, social media, analytics, lead generation and digital marketing. Our team is stacked with creative talent, from award-winning designers for print and web, skilled writers, social media gurus, public relations pros, experienced advertisers and masters of marketing. We do it all, we do it well, and we do it all under one roof.

We leverage our expertise in creativity to drive your business growth. From the way we work to the work we do.  We get results.

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